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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 5, 2014 3:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning, it is sunday, the 5th of january, 2014. i'm anna kooiman. a bitter cold hitting the u.s. going to 70 below zero. we're tracking it all ahead. and president obama finishing his hawaiian vacation. it was warm there. heading back to d.c. today where more obamacare problems are waiting for him and the nation. what is the white house doing about it? more government. wait until you hear what's on tap.
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remember when the government served up school lunches so bland that this happened? ♪ ♪ tonight we are hungry >> oh, so hungry. this morning the school boycott worked. the food police made a major reversal. we'll tell you about it. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> what are you laughing about? >> oh, good morning. going to be a fun show. hey, there's tucker. first sunday of 2014. anna kooiman, good morning. >> 70 below zero. >> i thought the president planned for warmer temperatures. this is another broken promise from the obama administration. >> he has a lot to account for when he gets back from hawaii. frigid -- >> i'm still reeling from my saints loss to the eagles.
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today's packer's game is going to be one of the coldest game ever played in the nfl. >> we've been trying to stay warm listening to earth, wind and fire. dancing trying to stay warm. >> we're going to have a great show. we have some news headlines to get to on your sunday morning. some scary moments as one of the country's busiest airports, spirit airlines trying to take off from chicago's o'hare airline, off the runway. there were 141 passengers on board the flight heading to las vegas. all were removed and put on another flight. fortunately no one was hurt. the drama at the bottom of the world continues. the u.s. coast guard now stepping in sending a heavy duty ice breaker ship, the ant arctic, to rescue two other stuck ice breakers. a russian ship has been stranded since christmas. the crew stayed behind while 52 passengers were air lifted by a helicopter sent by a chinese ice
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breaker but soon that ship also got stuck. big problem. now to a cruise rescue of another kind. amazon jeff bezos air lifted by the he can wa dorn navy after being struck with a kidney stone aboard a cruise ship in the ga lap galapagos island. the spokesperson for amazon said no surgery was needed and bezos is feeling fine. he said galapagos, five star, kidney stones, zero. >> should have used an a.m. ma xan drone. want to talk some nfl playoffs, i don't. indianapolis chiefs at colts. fourth quarter koeltsz starting back from a 28 point deficit. 41-31, chiefs, donald brown fumbles at the 2. andrew luck picks it up diving
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in to score. the colts cut the lead to three. luck finds ty hilton for 64 yard touchdown. colts up one. they win. they come back. the second biggest comeback in nfl history. 45-44. here we go to philadelphia. saints/eagles. fourth quarter, 23-17, saints. eagles. nick foles. hits zach ertz. thought we were going further in the playoffs. they take a 24-23 lead. then this happens. three seconds left on the clock. the saints line up the game-winning field goal. shane gram punches it through. tears all through philadelphia. saints win it 24-23. before the game a bunch of eagles show it's not too cold. that's a hot tub in the lot. beers. got ready for the big game. >> if they had some sangria, it
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could be the dsa. >> i had some reporters saying are you actually wearing some speedos in there, some trunks? >> probably nothing at all. speaking of cold weather, you want to check in with janice dean? some areas may get hit with lows not seen in decades. wind chills, 70 degrees below zero. >> experts warning that at those temperatures exposed skin can get frost bit in a couple of minutes. >> the governor has ordered all schools closed tomorrow. >> 70 below zero? >> that is the wind chill. the kids want to get out and play in the snow, but it's so cold, you can't be out there. dangerously cold. minus 9 in minneapolis. 19 in chicago. 3 in rapid city. 33 in dallas. let's show you what it feels like with the wind. incredible. feels like minus 29 in minneapolis, 4 in chicago, zero in kansas city.
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all of this cold air is going to dip as far south as the gulf coast. and as you mentioned, we haven't felt these temperatures in decades. if you're under the age of 40, this has never happened for you before. so take a look at the forecast wind chill especially across the northern plains and upper midwest where in some cases it will feel minus 40, minus 50. really dangerous. as far south as st. louis and indianapolis, minus 33. incredible, incredible cold. really deep in the heart of the arctic. this is from the north pole. these temperatures. look at chicago, okay? monday minus 13 is your daytime high. that actually could be an all-time record for them. >> that is unbelievable. >> we'll have our game time forecast coming up later? >> i will. most certainly. >> port packer fans. overnight president obama boarding air force one from honolulu. is 2014 already off to a rocky
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start? james rosen is live for us in washington with the very latest. james? >> tucker, anna, and clayton, good morning to you. when president obama touches down outside the capitol later this afternoon, he will confront a stark reality. the chief executive begins the new year after one the gallup poll saw his rate declining. unchanged from november and down about 10 points from the high of 51% recorded around his second inaugural. now the senate plans a vote monday night on a measure to reinstate unemployment checks for the long-term jobless for whom those benefits expired. in his weekly address, the president blamed those woes on the gop. >> just a few days after christmas more than 1 million of our fellow americans lost a vital life line. the temporary insurance that helps them make ends meet while they look for a job.
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republicans in congress went home for the holidays and let that life line expire. for many constituents who are unemployed through no fault of their own will suffer. >> such assistance was always intended to be temporary. gallup says the president's low ratings reflect the fallout from the government flying scandal and the rocky rollout of obamacare. gallup warned the white house not to expect much of a bump from the president's state of the union address. now is it weird on january 5th for me to say happy new year to you guys? when is the moment it actually becomes creepy and weird to continue saying that? >> we haven't seen you. >> valentine's day. >> valentine's day. >> arbor day. >> this is a question though, james, i'm glad you bring it up. it's been plaguing me. i think it's weeping the nation. >> thank you. you saw the president's
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approval rating down and dropping still further. that's earned. here's the deep irony at the core here of obama care that's the law which was first passed as a way to bring insurance to the uninsured and it turns out it has left more people uninsured than when it first passed. >> yeah, this is troubling news this morning as folks are waking up finding out that 100,000, this is just a generous number, maybe even higher than this, medicaid patients who went through the process to actually sign up are being told that they may not be eligible. they may not have got to process the applications through the entire enrollment process. this includes the children's health insurance program, also known as c.h.i.p. the obama people has unleashed annual army of people to get on the phone and call these people, tell them, hey, the best solution right now, honestly, go back to the week site and just start from scratch and do it all
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over again. >> they're saying, you know what, if you need to go to the doctor, before you do that, if your kid's sick, what you need to do instead is going sign up online. they're also sending out letters so going back to the old-fashioned putting pen to paper or getting out the typewriter or whatever it sounds like. apparently there's a flaw in the system where when people are typing in their information their income in particular, what is supposed to happen is that they're supposed to go from to be kicked over to their state's website and then go through the medicaid process. but it's not happening. >> it's especially sad and you've seen this a couple of times sings the october 1st rollout of obama care, people who don't have insurance but don't know they have no insurance. a lot of them will find out the hard way. how did this happen? partly because the technology doesn't work. it turns out, this is an admission the obama administration has just made, there weren't enough tech savvy people working for the federal government to put together an
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effective health care site. their solution, hire more bureaucrats. their solution is to start a new government agency dedicated to tech. >> we need a new government agency. we don't have enough of them frankly. this new government agency would be dispatched and dedicated to tech projects or a unit possibly within the gsa. the government tech specialists would train with the private sector contractors, which we know how well that worked in the obama care website buildup as well. that was a private contracted job as well. >> well, and it makes you wonder, you know, should it just be privatized anyway. who's been asked to come in and clean up all the mess? >> well, they say they won't do it. i have friends in the tech sector who have been asked to come in and help and they're like, are you kidding me? i am not going to do that where i can be entrepreneurial. i'm not going to the federal government and get involved in
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that hornet's nest. >> they've had a hard time recruiting young, innovative talent from the talent pool partially because they can go to silicon valley or go to ""the wall street journal"" and get stock options and higher pay. >> the irony is this is the young, hip, tech savvy voice of the new generation administration and they can't seem to lure any young tech savvy people to work for them. >> that's a great point. because you know one of their biggest complaints coming into office in 2008, this tech savvy administration, was the amount of bureaucracy. the thing that kept them from being tech savvy. the hurdles are in place. "the wall street journal" says we don't have enough people inside of government to make good sound technology decisions. this gap between the public sector and private sector has really affected their knowledge. >> ya think? part of this is i think there are people in the federal government, there are, i know them, who want this to work who
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are working long hours, etc. it's not just that the ideas behind obama care are flawed it's the nature of bureaucracy is flawed. some things government is not good at doing. >> yeah, like the food pyramid which we'll talk about later in the show. coming up, al qaeda is showing a huge blow to advances in iraq. john kerry says we're not sending in support. is that the right move? one of the key characters to catch saddam hussein will weigh that in next. >> and it was only supposed to be training. >> i go in and the story all seems like it would be an aneurysm. i go and do the exam and then i find what seems to be an abdominal aortic aneurysm. >> wow. how a medical class took a life saving turn. the story everyone is talking about this morning. [ male announcer ] hands were made for playing.
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two maujor cities in iraq, both in the province where most u.s. lives were lost during the war, are now under siege by al qae qaeda. now in his first remarks since the attack, john kerry says the u.s. will not send troops back to iraq. how did we get here in the first place. how were american gains lost? author of "we got him" lieutenant colonel, steve russell. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> so it does seem from our vantage here in the united states that a lot of key gains in iraq have been erased pretty fast. what happened? >> well, it can appear that way. i think ramadi is more under control than what folks think. what happened is you have sunnis that feel disenfranchised. a lot of the promises made for
3:18 am
power sharing were not made by maliki. maliki didn't like the camps and he wanted to remove them in late december. that was a mistake. they resisted. al qaeda is coming in stirring up trouble in the vacuum. there are some options though. if they work with those that are in the awakening movement and they work with the police, they can turn this around. >> it seems like parts of -- on the flip side of that, on the shiite side, it seems like parts of iraq are in danger of becoming a satellite of iran which is not in our interests. are you concerned about that? >> well, they are aligned religiously, but they're not aligned ethnically. they're not persians. you have to remember that they fought iran for a decade. this is really about political posturing and power for the april 30th elections that are coming up and you have rivals in
3:19 am
the shia that are trying to throw maliki from power and i think the united states has to be careful that they don't give him aid in saying that he's fighting terrorists. >> as a veteran of the war in iraq how do you feel when you see the black al qaeda flag rise over the city of iffalujah? >> i want to go fight them? we can't write the sunnis off. we have to watch the province and we have to watch the other provinces that are there. obviously anbar is very important. we can turn this around if he's very astute. >> very quickly we lost more than 4,000 americans in iraq. what can the u.s. do to ensure that iraq doesn't become more dangerous to us than it was before we invaded in 2003? >> i think that we have to
3:20 am
encourage maliki to engage the sunnis in the political process and to power share, and we have to make strong statements to show impartiality. if we do that, it has a real potential. >> lieutenant colonel steve russell, one of the commanders responsible for the capture of saddam hussein. thanks. i appreciate it. coming along. imagine driving along and seeing this. how an airplane wound up on a highway in long island. moms to be, how to have your children well behaved? wine could be the answer. it's okay for pregnant women to drink after all. stay tuned. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things.
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welcome back. some quick headlines for you have. terror hits a base in kabul. the taliban took responsibility for that. this comes hours after an attack hit the first american soldier in 2014. former basketball player dennis rodman unveiling a team of former nba players for an exhibition game in the hermit state of north korea. they'll play a game on wednesday for kim jong-un's birthday.
3:25 am
anna? all right, tucker. thanks. according to a new study pregnant women who drink lightly have better adjusted children. european researchers surveyed 100,000 pregnant women from 1996 to 2002 and discovered those who drank two glasses of wine a week had kids with better mental health. >> a week? so should women be drinking during their pregnancy. here to weigh in is dr. phillip? >> hello. >> it's all in an effort to make my children smarter. >> this study was very controversi controversial. it was a study in denmark. we know that alcohol in large amounts causes many issues with birth defects. it can impact their mental development of the child. there was very little known in medical research of what happens if you drank very lightly, one to four glasses a week, five to eight glasses. what they said was light or
3:26 am
moderate. in this study, what they did, they looked at women prenatally and they looked at their children at age 5. their i.q.s, attention span, they looked at their ability to plan and organize and tasks that can affect that. what they've shown in these studies is that these children had less issues, but the study -- we have to remember, this is a very controversial study. >> of course. >> they're only looking at brain development. there are a number of issues in the study, regulating the body, the cdc, the american academy of pediatrics, the american association of obstetrics and gynecology, the message is clear that you should not be drinking alcohol at any point during pregnancy because we know that alcohol is associated with birth defects, with a number of problems like early miscarriage, etc. so the problem with the study is it's only looking at brain development, it's not looking at other issues with small amounts of alcohol. >> at the age of 5, too, it would seem like you would want
3:27 am
to see how they're doing at age 15, age 45, on and on and on. >> that's right. what you have to remember, this is one study. it's looking at a particular subset of women. it's a particular point in time. you have to look at the whole issue related to alcohol, it's not just brain development. these are particularly a healthy group of women anyway. it may be a flawed study. >> a flawed study. stay away from the alcohol. >> we know the benefits of having that one glass of red wine in adults. >> this is for nonpregnant people. >> this could trickle down. >> you're hoping. >> dr. philippea cheatam. >> a little girl goes in for a routine dental procedure. now she's dead. her parents speaking out. how in the world did this happen? details every parent needs to hear. remember when the government served up a lunch so terrible
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♪ well, it's over. remember when the usda submitted those ridiculous food lunch standards which limited proteins in the kids' lunches and grains so they were basically going strictly on calories. all of these kids were complaining they were hungry throughout the day. >> the idea is to reduce the obesity epidemic that is certainly plaguing our children and trying to change eating habits. yes, they were protesting. you saw that video a little bit later. the girls were playing volleyball, passing out on the court. you know what, we're starving. so they complained. their parents complained. school districts complained and now the usda is reversing the strict guidelines. they did it temporarily. >> this was all part of nani in chief michelle obama's plan to get moving, let's move.
3:33 am
remember that. like it's the government's business what you eat. a lot in power believe it's very much their business what you put in your mouth. governments are trying to ban certain foods they deem unhealthy. as clayton knows as well, the government sometimes has no clue what's healthy or not. >> right. you remember the food pyramid. that was a joke. if you look at it from a few years ago, at the top of the pyramid had a picture of a little meat and the bottom had like pasta and grain. >> more twinkies. >> it should be the exact opposite of that, right? we now know the detrimental effects of eating pasta and all the grains on the body. now they've moved to my plate. that's the new graphic that the federal government has. here it is. here's the my plate. it still has an inordinate amount of grains. we've done a number of segments on the show which show how bad that is for you. the protein there. limited amount of protein which i find surprising. the kids were complaining they were getting hungry throughout the day, couldn't concentrate on your homework. you know what the teenage body
3:34 am
needs, the fuel. >> here's the point. people who were lecturing you about the science. they have the flimsiest graphs on science. they're restricting the amount of caffeine in certain drinks. find the study that shows that caffeine is a major threat to the health of americans. you can't find one. same with sodium. sodium for 40 years the government has been trying to link sodium to massive numbers of deaths. it's not at all clear what the effects of sodium is. >> i will give them credit for trans fats. is it the government's business? if i want to eat a canoli, if i want be to have it once a year on a holiday, let me do it. >> like when they banned smoking, people saying, this is a good saying. if they can ban what adults do with cigarettes, why can't they ban certain foods. that's a stupid, slippery slope. well, it turned out, i'm sorry, i'm justified here, to be true! they are trying to ban certain
3:35 am
foods. they don't think you should eat them. >> one of the other regulations is the fda's food regulating rules. what about a domino's or papa john's where there are a million different toppings you can have on. what if you have bacon and cheese and mushroom, whatever? >> the calories in that label. >> so you bring up a great point with all the different toppings, but labeling calories. we had a show about the calorie myth. adding up sheer calories doesn't matter. if you have to eat 300 calories of chips it's not the same as eating 300 calories of salad. >> the good part of this though is it's education. i think it's great actually in new york that when you go to a fast food restaurant or wherever you go, it will show you the bagel with the cream cheese you want to eat, which is what i used to always eat, had 500 calories. if you get the flat bread with egg white, that's 300 calories.
3:36 am
it's healthier. that's a better option. it's got more protein. it educates you what you're putting in your body. >> there's a short hop from education to compulsion. the truth obamacare, this all makes sense. as soon as i am paying for the health care, why can't i tell you who to sleep with, when to brush your teeth or floss. >> you can't get the cream filled whatever with the food stamp dollars. if it's your hard owned money and you want to eat the trans fats on christmas, why should the government not be able to tell you. >> there are authoritarian outcomes and you'll see them soon. they make sense under obama care. >> we had the biggest obesity epidemic as a result of the food pyramid that they were totally inaccurate about. do you trust your federal government to tell what you to eat? let us know,
3:37 am we have other headlines. a 3-year-old girl in hawaii has died after a routine dental procedure left her severely brain damaged. finley boyle was left in a vegetative state after undergoing four root canals in early december. her family decided to remove her from life support after learning there was no hope for recovery. >> massive tragedy that now we're going to have to deal with the rest of our life. >> the family's attorney said finley went into cardiac arrest while under sedation. they claim she was left alone for 26 minutes. when the doctor finally noticed her heart had stopped beating, she didn't know how to perform cpr. there's something you don't see every day. a plane on the runway. ch he can this out. turns out the student pilot saved himself and two others on board by making the emergency landing on the busy new york roadway. the plane took off from connecticut to tour new york city on saturday afternoon and on its way back the plane
3:38 am
started having engine problems and the pilot was forced to make a quick decision. the plane hit the ground. they came straight down. they hit the tree tops and we helped escort the passengers off the truck. i told them to get inside my vehicle to stay warm. >> road crews were able to stop traffic and close down lanes to help. the plane did land and fortunately no one was seriously hurt. very lucky. a terrifying video of an attempted shooting on a bus in michigan. this video is quite graphic but nobody was hurt in it. >> oh, my [ bleep ]. >> wow. so what you're seeing here, a man starts to leave and then turns back and fires a gun at a passenger but does miss. the other passengers on the bus scrambling to safety, including
3:39 am
a man holding a child. the gunman still on the loose and police are still investigating that. the university of virginia medical student saved a man's life during a training exercise. part of an assignment ryan jones was to diagnose a fake condition assigned to an actor. >> i go in and the story all seems like it would be an aneurysm. i go and do the exam and i find what seems to be an abdominal aortic aneurysm. >> that actor, jim molloy, was told to pretend he had an aneurysm f. it wasn't for his diagnosis, he may not be here today. >> i spoke with ryan. i thanked him. he had the courage to speak up, which is wonderful. saved my life. >> it would have been a very different christmas if it had not been for ryan. >> jim had accident stent repla
3:40 am
surgery and is doing fine. that reminds me of the time with cramer. >> what a great story. let's check in with janice dean looking at the weather. >> hi, anna and tucker. we are dealing with incredibly cold temperatures. it's single digits for the green bay game tonight with wind chills from minus 15 to minus 25. if you're headed to the game, bundle up. it's all because we have this arctic air mass that is plunging southward. some of the cold eest air in decades. in canada, minus 50s wind chill, minus 60s. fargo, feels like 4 in chicago. feels like minus 10 and feels like 29 in atlanta, georgia. we also have a winter weather advisory, many of them, winter storm warnings across the ohio river valley as this storm moves through. 6 to 12 inches of snow. see the purple on this map? this is the area i'm concerned
3:41 am
with, from west virginia to maine with freezing rain advisories. as the storm moves upward, we have a warmup and all the precipitation will freeze as it comes in contact with the roadways. incredibly dangerous driving this afternoon and overnight tonight. then the cold air comes in. anything on the ground that's rain will turn to ice. tucker, it's going to be a dangerous 24 hours. >> all right. >> amazing. thanks a lot, janice. >> thanks, janice joompt next, forced into obama care. turns out you think the cheapest plan might be one plan but, no, often it's not. we've got the costliest mistakes you can make when choosing a health care plan and how to avoid them. caught on camera, shots fired at point blank range and no one is hurt. the incredible video you've got to see. ♪ ♪ ♪
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quarter till the hour. new york governor andrew cuomo expected to add his state to the list of states allowing hospitals to use pot to treat an ailment. caught on camera, two men in italy escape death after being shot at point blank range. the intended targets were able to dodge every single bullet. footage of the attack just released by italian authorities after a two-year investigation that led them to the shooters. clayton, over to you. thanks, anna. obamacare officially in effect. c consumers are in for a surprise. here's president of independent insurance agents and brokers of america, bob rusfold.
3:46 am
nice to see you. happy new year. >> happy new year, clayton. >> walk through some of the mistakes. number one, not figuring in out-of-pocket costs between the plans. is this our mistake in these are things we should be accounting for? >> well, first of all, obama care is the tower of babble to consumers. the mass confusion among consumers is something we've never seen in the marketplace before. yes, people are looking at the price of the premium for their plan, which is important, but the deduct i believes and co-pays are a huge hidden cost. most of the bronze plans in the obamacare have a deductible of $5,000. that means with the exception of preventive care, you don't get a dime of health insurance coverage until you pay out $5,000 of your own money. that's a lot of money for most people. >> a mistake would be not to look at the co-pays.
3:47 am
bob, we heard this week reports of people being shocked at how much their co-pays were increasing going in for what they used to spend $15, reports of people saying, why is this suddenly $89? >> right. you know, the bronze plan is not necessarily the best deal for everybody. look at the silver plan or the gold plan. the deductibles are lower, the co-pays are lower. every plan is different. people need to look beyond the premium they're paying and look at what the plans include and don't include and how much am i going to spend. the interesting thing is most americans don't actually know how much health care they're going to use during the course of the year. of course, obamacare is trying to attract the young healthies. if they're going, if i have to pay $5,000 out of my pocket before i get a dime y would i sign up? >> also, you're not following up and confirming. >> right. after you sign up for an obamacare plan, no matter which one it is, call the insurance
3:48 am
company and confirm you have health insurance in force. some estimates are that up to 50% of the 2 million people that have signed up aren't even covered because their information is inaccurate, incomplete or because of the problems with the website where they're not getting the back end information to the insurance company. call the insurance company and make sure you have coverage. there have been anecdotal reports this weekend of people showing up at hospitals and the hospital saying you don't have any coverage, you're not in the system. this he said, i filled it out but the insurance company never got it. we need to avoid that for consumers. >> another big mistake is not seeking any help from a pro, trying to do this by yourself on the website. >> absolutely. this is very confusing, very complex for the average consumer. many consumers don't have time. in fact, we just did a national survey. 38% of consumers have not done any research. go to trustedchoice.kompt find a trusted choice agent. they represent many different plans. bob, thanks so much for
3:49 am
joining us. happy new year. >> happy new year. good to be with you. coming up on the show, did you know the department of justice has a linked-in page online? you should. you're paying for it. a whistle-blower with how much money you're paying for. stuck on the couch? netflix, by the way, on friday night was crushed. kevin mccarthy is here with the movies you should watch. ♪ ♪
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hey, good morning. 52 minutes after the hour. 2013 was a big year for movies.
3:53 am
our next guest sat down with his fair share of hollywood heavy weights. here is kevin mccarthy. good morning, kevin. >> hey, kevin. >> good morning to you. thank you for having me on again. i appreciate it. >> of course. who stands out to you? i know you've thrown together a little montage of your favorite moments. >> as a kid growing up arnold schwarzenegger was one of my favorite. one direction, check this out, this video is really cool. >> here we go. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> as soon as you say it's a tumor, the dumor makes everyone laugh, right? >> okay. >> come in, boom, there.
3:54 am
>> do i actually hit your face at all? >> i get this thing like nerd tears. i get so geeked out. >> were you doing a lot of crying during this? >> real tears and nerd tears. >> i love t. i get the nerd tears. i get it over shoes. >> kevin, how old are you now? >> i'm 29. >> so you're one of the reasons why i ended the show. >> before i started this, i wanted to tell you i collect movie tickets. i kept my romeo and juliet show. 4 bucks. wow, what is it now, 9? ♪ everyone else in the room >> i love it. i loved that you got to punch sly stallone. >> i felt his facial hair when i was doing it. it was awesome. >> that's a near death experience. so it's freezing outside. you may have seen janice dean's report. what should people be watching as they're bundled up against the arctic weather? >> in 2013 there was a great movie "a place beyond the
3:55 am
pines." it's a movie about legacy. it's a very distinct three-act structure. a brutal film about legacy, like i said, but phenomenal to watch. watch the opening shot of the film. it is incredible. see if you can see when ryan gosselin actually leaves the shot. it is an incredible shot. if you have netflix and you have streaming, i'd recommend a movie that's turned 20 years old this year, "pulp fiction." 20 years old. one of the best movies of all time. the american film institute has it on the top 100 movies of all time. get this, the year that movie was nominated for best picture, it was up against "forrest gump" and "shaw shank redemption." that movie restarted john travolta's career. if you're looking for a movie on demand, i'd recommend "enough
3:56 am
said" starring julian dreyfuss and james gandolfini. julia louise dreyfuss said this is the closest you've ever seen gandolfini's actual personality. finally, this is a wildcat. the movie i grew up on, "the sandlot." i love this movie. if you have it in your collection, i highly recommend seeing it. that scene where he fake drowned so he could get a kiss, i love that moment. those are my four movies to recommend. >> that's my favorite scene too, kevin. thanks so much. >> thanks, kevin. >> thanks, guys. coming up on "fox & friends," the next governor of your state an action star? >> government agent man coming to take out our community trash. now that's worth it. >> steven segal and the rumors
3:57 am
about the possible new role. and you might be killing your car and not even know you're doing it. tips you need that can save your car's life and yours. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
hello and good morning. it is sunday, the 5th of january, 2014. i'm anna kooiman. this morning, another health scare hiccup. the plan the president once claimed would expand coverage still leaving millions without insurance, including those it was intended to help in the first place. and as the president heads back from his hawaiian get away, get ready to hear more of this rhetoric. >> everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share. >> everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share. >> everybody is doing their fair share and everybody's got a fair
4:01 am
shot. >> fairness. what does that mean and how much is it going to cost you and how much of the economy's problems are the fault of the republican party? the president will tell you a lot more about it and we'll break it down coming up. and are the people making you so miserable at your wedding that you wish you had eloped in the first place? >> emma! >> think it can get worse than a literal wedding crasher. think again. a roundup of the worst wedding guests is straight ahead. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. guessing clues, under dressed guests. >> dress that gets too drink. >> speaking too much. >> that's a big mistake. the best man -- >> you invited everyone of those to our wedding.
4:02 am
>> you did? >> yes. >> did anything like that happen? >> no. you want a little drama at a wedding. i don't mind that. >> you want something memorable. >> i like that. >> little wedding crasher. the nation bracing for deep freeze. some lows not seen in four decades. we're talking wind chills at 70 below zero. >> unreal. at those temperatures exposed skin can get frostbite in minutes. let's check in with janice dean. >> hi. you are right. some of the coldest temperatures we have seen in decades across the northern plains and upper midwest. take a look at the current temperatures right now. minus 9 in minneapolis. 18 in chicago, 12 in kansas city, 32 in dallas but with the winds, winds gusting 30, 40 miles per hour, it feels colder than that. it's going to continue to be this way for the next 12 to 24 hours. all of this is going to move eastward. we're going to feel it on monday and tuesday across the eastern seaboard. there are your current wind
4:03 am
chills. minus 25 in kansas city. feels like 20 in dallas, texas. the really, really core of the cold air is across the upper midwest. those are your current wind chills, what it feels like. minus 37 in fargo. 4 in chicago. minus 20 in omaha. this cold air is coming directly from the north pole. these are overnight low temperatures, not wind chills, okay? so it's going to be minus 31 in the morning tomorrow in international falls. minus 22 in green bay. minus 4 in green bay. minus 13. that's the daytime highs. the other part of the story is the heavy snow that we are going to get from missouri valley up towards the great lakes. 6 to 12 inches possible. and as the system moves eastward because we have a little bit of a warmup be across the east coast, freezing rain is possible. yeah, freezing rain advisories in a widespread area from west virginia all the way up to new england. that's going to be dangerous. then all of the moisture that's left on the ground is going to
4:04 am
freeze monday, tuesday making for a treacherous if not impossible drive in for some areas. there's a good look at where you'll see snow. then the freezing rain and ice will make things really, really dangerous over the next 12 to 24 hours. then we will finally moderate to more average temperatures mid week, but this cold air is record breaking. if you're under the age of 40, this is -- you've never, ever experienced cold air like this. >> wow. >> stay inside. definitely stay off the roadways, too. >> i'm excited. >> i know. >> for meteorologists it's exciting. >> yes. >> you have to make sure that you're warning people, too, and not being overly exsited. >> thanks, janice. 4 minutes after the hour. two major iraq cities where most u.s. lives were lost in the war are now under siege by al qaeda. in his first remarks since the attacks secretary john kerry saying the u.s. will not be
4:05 am
sending troops. lieutenant colonel steve russell, the key colonel behind the capture of saddam hussein, said this about seeing the al qaeda flag rising in falujah. >> i want to go fight them. you have brave sunni. the majority of them are antial qaeda. we can't write them off. we have to watch the other provinces that are there. obviously anbar is very important. they can return this around if maliki is astute enough to engage them, to work with them and to not overstep. >> senators john mccain and lindsey graham calling the situation tragic but predictable. some scary moments at one of the country's biggest airports. the spirit airline plane trying to take off from chicago's o'hare slides off the snowy runway last night. this picture was posted on twitter shortly after it happened. there were 141 passengers on
4:06 am
board the flight heading to las vegas. all were put on another flight. fortunately nobody was hurt. action star steven segal for governor? >> government agent man come to take our community trash. but that's worth it. >> 61-year-old says he could take a shot at running for arizona's highest office and has talked about it with the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in america, joe arapio. he's spoken about it. >> talking about running for governor, i suppose that would be something to consider but probably i would have a lot more other responsibility that would be more important to address. >> he looks a little different.
4:07 am
>> martial arts expert is one of 3,000 unpaid civilians working for arpaio. he wants to increase border security. all right. and those are your headlines. are you ready for a little irony? obamacare was passed in the first place, of course, because the president said there were so many people in this country uninsured and unable to get insurance. well, it turns out obamacare itself is responsible for causing a lot of people to lose their insurance, and here's the latest. at least 100,000 medicaid patients and young children have tried to sign up but they haven't been able to because of the website. that means they don't have insurance and na many cases they have no idea they have no insurance. >> what is the obama administration doing about this kerfuffle? they're finding out upwards of 250,000, we don't know, don't have access to this information right now because they don't even know if they've been enrolled. the obama administration putting
4:08 am
out a big team right now. thousands of people getting on the phones and calling up these individuals and saying, we're sorry. we know you went through the process to sign up on our website, however, the best thing to do is to go back and start it all over again because we literally don't know if your application went through the process. >> apparently there's a problem when people are going job line and plugging in their information, their income, for example, if they meet the requirement for medicare, medicaid, they get punched over to their state's website and are supposed to be able to sign up that way. >> right. >> apparently there's an issue with that that's not happening. you may have noticed despite the meltdown of obamacare, you haven't heard from the insurance industry which is at the center of this law. why have they been so quiet? there was an interesting interview the other night with julie benefield, she was on huckabee. listen to her answer. >> i think the industry didn't feel like they had a choice.
4:09 am
what choice do you have when the federal government is saying, you will do this or you will be faced with fines, you will be out of business. you know, when the federal government is saying we are the almighty. we are not only telling you, the industry, what to do, we are telling you, state government, what to do, we are telling you small business, we are telling you, big business, and we are telling you individuals what to do. you have no choice. >> that's not really true because, i mean, it's true in some cases but the big insurance companies are the reason we have obamacare in the first place. >> they went along with it. >> in exchange for going along with it, they got a law that said people have to buy the product. >> and they're saying we better get a law on the books that says we will not bail out the insurance companies. we will not bail out the insurance companies because you're already starting to see some of these fissures present
4:10 am
themselves. >> there will be a federal bailout, there absolutely is. they will be totally in favor of it. what company wouldn't be in favor of a law that required every person in america to buy what they're selling. >> if there was a law that required people to watch "fox & friends." on principle i'd be against it but it would be tempting to support it. >> they're having a tough time even right now, the enrollment reports that are being generated by are quite confusing. they don't know who some of their customers are. what do you think that's doing for consumers. >> hard to shed a tear about it. james rosen is standing by. the president is boarding air force one in honolulu on his way back to washington after a two-week vacation and he's ready to focus on his 2014 agenda. james rosen is standing by. he has his computer fired up and the president is with to land and he'll have to get back to work. >> when president obama arrives back in the capital less than four hours from now he will have markedly less political capital than he enjoyed one year ago.
4:11 am
gallup finds only four in ten americans give him a thumbs up in december. that was down ten points from the start of his second term. on monday the democrat controlled senate will vote on a measure to extend unemployment insurance to many americans whose jobless benefits have expired. >> a few days after christmas more than 1 million of our fellow americans lost a vital economic life line. the temporary insurance that helps folks make ends meet while they look for a job. republicans in congress went home for the holidays and let that life line expire and for many of their constituents who were unemployed through no fault of their own, that decision will leave them with no incompetent come at all. >> republicans say mr. obama has no plan to offset the costs of extended unemployment insurance and such assistance was always intended to be temporary. on tuesday the president will appear at the white house with some of those americans whose jobless benefits have run out and i don't know about you guys up in new york, but i personally would prefer to see kehl will he
4:12 am
lebrock before steven seagal as governor. >> it may happen. >> james rosen in new york. >> remember, the next time there's another obamacare, it's the republicans fault. the botched gun running ring that left border agent brian terry dead. what's more important, the $500,000 linked-in profile. take a look at this. a woman drove up into the air by a raging bull. ♪ ♪ ♪ to lose your supporting teeth? try poligrip for partials. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth.
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4:16 am
well, it's been four years since the murder of agent brian terry, and still no one has been held accountable for his death or for the fast and furious scandal. the drug running scandal. it put more than 2,000 firearms into the hands of criminals. many have been used to commit crimes. instead of the justice department focusing on that, it is spending resources on hiring and spending thousands of dollars of your taxpayer money on a linked-in profile to, quote, increase brand awareness, whatever that means. well, former atf agent and author of "the unarmed truth" john dodson is here to weigh in on this. thank you for joining us. how much does it pain you as someone who has been with the story from the beginning to know that nobody has been held accountable so far for "fast and furious"? >> very much so. i'm currently an aff agent and that makes it worse. still being in the government
4:17 am
service and a member of the department of justice, to see the department act in such a way after trying to hide the football in "fast and furious" for so long and trying to wait until the oig report came out and now trying to increase the brand awareness with this linked-in adebay. >> if there's any agency in government that has brand awareness, it's d.o.j. what do you make of the new allegation that the fbi had ties to brian terry's killers? >> well, it's -- as i lay out in the book, it's kind of -- the facts are out there. all people have to do is put it together. it's quite simply that the united states government is involved in cartel building. the strategy -- it's the same mindset that was involved in fast and furious. the best way to combat firearms trafficking is to facilitate it. the best way to take down a
4:18 am
cartel is to facilitate and create your own cartel. ultimately it's through that logic that these kind of operations come about and then you link in the fbi's involvement and how the situation got out of control and one side not talking to the other and ultimately that culminates in the death of agent brian terry. >> it's confusing because there are a lot of gray areas, obviously, in law enforcement, but when you take weapons and allow them to find their way to the hands of criminals and then an american agent is killed with one of those weapons, it seems to me it wouldn't be hard to find the people responsible in the u.s. government and punish them. >> well, you wouldn't think it would be, but then when you look at the way the government works and, you know, this -- what you're talking about, this recruitment camp training by d.o.j. is a symptom of greater problem. government's answer to government is more government. when the government is so big and large and so many people have rods in the fire, you can't hold anyone accountable. everyone can simply say, well, i didn't know.
4:19 am
i didn't read that. i wasn't privy to it. i wasn't part of that decision making. it's so vast and voe lum pli ne -- voluminous it's hard to track them down. it can be done. it should be done. the department has failed to do that from the very beginning. >> that's for sure. we're almost out of time. i have to ask you, you're currently an aff agent. have you faced any kind of reprisals for speaking out? >> oh, yes, sir. i mean, it's been pretty much continuous battle that i faced ever since originally blowing the whistle on fast and furious, ever since speaking with senator grassly's office. from before then to raising concerns to my supervisors in my chain of command is when it initially started. >> john dodson, we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you for having me, happy new year. >> happy new year. coming up, was your new year's resolution to lose weight? it probably was. coming up, which diets actually
4:20 am
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to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪
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4:23 am
welcome back. time for news by the numbers. $7.5 billion. what we spent to help other countries. 479,000 guns were bought in virginia. $63 billion, that's how much
4:24 am
money americans spent on their pets in 2013. more than the year before. a large chunk by our own anna kooiman. >> true, true. 23 minutes after the hour. new year's weight loss resolutions are in full swing. there are so many diets out there. gluten free, paleo, counting calories. what works and what doesn't? researchers are trying to find out through the largest scale diet research program to date. joining us now is tony stupplebine and the founder of bliss. the company behind all of it and the two diet participants, steve hamill and kate shirray. good morning to all of you. thank you for coming in. a lot of our viewers were thinking the same thing, i'm trying to lose weight for the new year. list is a series of apps, community support and what else? >> basically it's daily coaching for any goal. what we're talking about today is diet. lift actually supports more than 100,000 goals by giving you, you
4:25 am
know, daily prompts, daily coaching, letting you track your goals and the community answers the questions you have. >> the idea with diet and weight loss is different things work for different people. whether it's their lifestyle or the way we're chemically made up. how will this information be revolutionary? >> for january we're opening up a study calling it the quantified diet. this is a chance for everyone to get really healthy. we're providing free coaching for those diets but everyone who participates also will be making a massive contribution to science because we're taking that data and presenting it out to the world. >> yeah. currently you have about 10,000 people signed up looking to get about 100,000. it's free tore everybody. steve, i want to ask you a little bit about the diet you're choose to go do. you found it through a web search, you found lift? >> i found lift about three months ago through a web search. i was looking for an application
4:26 am
to track my goals and to force me to get into some habits and that's how i found lift and from there -- >> and the diet that you're doing? >> i'm doing the low carb, slow carb dye zblet how does that work? >> it basically mainly meats, legumes and vegetables. >> are you having success? how long have you been doing it? >> i've been doing a variation from three months. i've lost 50 pounds in three months. >> congratulations. >> thank you. from october 1st to diesecember 31st. tough during the christmas period. i started again through the program through the research on january 1st and so far four days in, five pounds. so it's back in the fold. >> there you go. it's nice to have those little reminders that you can set through that lift application. >> exactly. >> kate, which diet are you doing and why? >> i'm also on the four-hour
4:27 am
body diet. i was thinking about doing that diet back in december and my mom has had some really good success with it. it seemed like a good one to try. i'm also a long-time user for the lift app. i started using it when i wanted to track how often i was working out to get into a more active lifestyle. this i see contributing to that trying to find a good sensible eating plan forfeitness overall. >> yeah, it does seem like a pretty simple diet. for people who are looking for more information on how they can get involved. >> well, the best thing -- place to start is at our website if they want to join the study, the quantified diet, there will be a link there. afterwards we'll ask them to download probably one of our apps and there are apps available. >> great. at the moment, lose weight, do it for free and be part of science and help people down the line. everybody, thanks for coming in.
4:28 am
>> thank you. 27 minutes after the hour on your sunday morning. coming up on "fox & friends," we thought it couldn't get any worse than glorifying a terrorist on the cover of a magazine until now. what "rolling stone" is publishing will have you outraged. it only takes one person to ruin what is supposed to be the best day of your life. coming up, we're breaking down the worst wedding guests ever. ♪ take me down to the little white church ♪ ♪ take me down ♪ take me down ♪ take me down to the little white church ♪ so there i was again, explaining my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoas to another new stylist. it was a total earrassment. and t the kind of attention wanted. so i had a serus talk with my dermatologt about my treatment options. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps tclear the surface of my skin by actuallrking inside my body. in clinical trials, most adults with moderatekin to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance.
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4:32 am
you've got to eat cake like a lady. >> come on. >> ah. >> oh. >> oh, "wedding crasher." next time, just elope. that may be the best image of a new study that shows the variations in bad wedding guests. there are many different varieties. >> is it wedding season now? it's approaching wedding season. these are the people you really don't want at your wedding. number one, buzz feed has compiled this list of the worst wedding guest. number one, the wedding crasher. how do you not know that someone is crashing your wedding? when you have 400 people you're not paying attention? >> i went to a wedding at the
4:33 am
peabody hotel, i don't know that they would have known. >> were you invited? >> i was. >> you probably don't know the other -- like your now spouse's relatives really. who is that? >> that's my cousin tony. like you wouldn't know it. you go along with it. >> sometimes people who are not invited, they end up like calling you ahead of time. that's sort of a different type of wedding crasher. i thought we were good friends. >> that's weird. >> or i thought i would be in your wedding party. i've had friends upset about that. >> i crashed a wedding last year, last spring. >> a friend of mine got married, i was not invited, i enjoyed the heck out of it. absolutely true story. >> and then there's the unannounced speech maker. this is the person who gets up and without any prompting, usually drunk, gives a speech. here's an example. >> not nobody knows sue like i do. what i can tell you is this. this is not sue's first
4:34 am
marriage. >> and it gets worse and worse. >> how about the dance floor dominator. do you remember when elaine did this. >> this would have been you. >> want me to get it started? i'll get it started. all right. ♪ ♪ >> oh, you know what, it probably is me. i'm always the first one on the dance floor and the last one to leave. >> i saw you dance this morning. you are great. >> even in commercial break anna will dance. >> what about this, the advice giver? that's the other person you want to avoid. >> who sidles up to you. i want to give you some advice. the person has been divorced four times. >> actually, that may be the best advice you're going to get from that guy. >> the gourmet, is this the person who the food isn't good
4:35 am
enough? is that what -- >> complains about the food. that's right. complains it's never good enough. >> when you're serving for 400 people do you expect it to be as good as when you get food for two. then the surprise drunk. the person you expect to get lit up. >> you've always been there for me. like when i was in rehab. harold, you know, he's always been the dependable one and i've always been the screwed up one, right, dad? i'm a person, too. you're a moron. >> that was -- and then there's the underdressed guest. flip-flops aren't okay? >> we're supposed to be upsneet? i would intentionally invite people like this. >> no, i'm serious. >> we invite people who create scenes. it makes it memorable. they're interesting. >> you can handle it.
4:36 am
confrontation like that, it makes me wildly uncomfortable. >> what happened at your wedding? >> i got married at 22. i don't have too many memories from it but i'm happy i did it. >> i want to go back to you wedding crashing. was it just an oversight. >> great friend of mine i hadn't seen for a while. we used to live together. his brother said he was getting married, i said, i'm coming. >> it wasn't an intentional sleight. i did, i flew down to atlanta by myself. i loved it. he didn't tell me he wasn't glad. >> were you in the front row, yeah? >> i was. i loved the wedding liturgy. it was only 20 minutes long. it was the greatest. >> he was the undressed drunk guest. >> yes. the one going around trying everything. this is not very good. no way, tucker. 36 minutes after the hour. well, a student pilot saved the lives of himself and two passengers when he landed in new
4:37 am
york on the road. on its way back the plane started having engine problems. the pilot was forced to land on a highway in the bronx area. >> the plane hit the ground. they came straight down. they hit the tree tops. and we helped escort the passengers off the truck. i told them to get inside my vehicle, to stay warm. >> road crews were able to stop traffic and close down lanes to help the plane land. no one was seriously hurt in that. caught on video, check this out, a woman is thrown into the air by an 1100 pound raging bull. >> oh. >> this happening at a popular bull fighting event in costa rica. >> the bull is the usher. he's helping her find her seat. >> where was i sitting? that's right. >> you're in a5.
4:38 am
>> the woman tried out running the animal but he caught up to her. using his large horns. what was that, 1a? >> a5. >> she's expected to be fine. that's why we're joking about this a little bit. what a ride. big brother is watching you at the most magical place on earth. disneyland launching new electronic wrist bands to track visitors. they do away with paape jer tickets, room keys and credit cards. the bands are still being tested. critics fear disney is using imperfect technology and can be cracked using a cell phone. disney claims the wrist bands will not store any personal information. if you haven't settled on a new year's resolution, here's one to consider. studies show people who abstain from drinking for a solid month lost weight, lowered their cholesterol and improved their sleep patterns. the study looked at moderate drinkers who gave up alcohol for five weeks. >> what do they call it,
4:39 am
janupasu se. >> janupause for january. i gave up drinking for five years and i gained weight. >> one thing i haven't done is read "rolling stone." they have a new piece by jesse meyerson. his advice to millennials, young people, about what to do about the terrible economy in which they are trapped, the obama economy. he has all kinds of recommendations, and they're pretty amazing. >> one of his top recommendations is to get rid of capitalism, in fact, put in a socialist system. there's been no evidence of any socialist system ever working in world history, by the way. he says this, guaranteed work for everybody would unfold. federal jobs for every person in america. social security for everyone. >> a guaranteed income. >> and you take back all of the land so the government would take control of all of the land. >> abolish private property.
4:40 am
>> here's a quote. he says this, ever notice how much landlords [ bleep ]. they never do anything . they give you the privilege to stay in boxes that they never built and rarely ever improve. that's garbage because many of our income rental properties, i do, and the amount of money that you put into it to make sure that it's a beautiful home for someone who maybe can't afford to own a house, giving them a reasonable place to live, give them a fair rent and take care of a property, not everyone is a slumlord out there. they're not just taking control of it, they've earned it and bought the pieces of property. >> not to mention the risks that you're taking. what if the market goes down or the person you're renting to decides to trash the place or can't make their rent, you could be stuck with two mortgages or however many rental homes you have, you might have three, four, five mortgages. >> so the idea is make everything owned by everybody is
4:41 am
number five and -- number four and number five is a public bank in every state. i love it though. young people crushed by the economy under the obama regime and so the solution is not more market based performance but it's more socialism. i don't get it. let's apply this to the people espousing it. jan wenner runs "rolling stone" empire. he has $700,000. let's take his money and pass it around. you first, jan wenner. if you're abolishing private property, why aren't you the first one into the socialist. >> what's going on with "rolling stone" when they published the boston bomber and all of these social media websites for young girls going, oh, my gosh, he's so hot. ugh. >> "rolling stone" has been the
4:42 am
purveyor of populus trash. there were some articles in the '80s. now they look at whoever is on the top of the chart and they write an article around that, whatever popular music act. they give a wet kiss. >> this is a ridiculous magazine but i think it would be a big mistake to write this off from a dying publications. these views actually reflect mainstream opinion among young people. more people under 30 identify with socialism than with capitalism. >> that's ridiculous. margaret thatcher's favorite quote. the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money. >> you run out of other people's money. >> let us know what you think about "rolling stone." do you read it? will you now get a subscription? 42 minutes after the hour. 37-year-old jahai's family fighting to keep her on life support. what does fate tell us.
4:43 am
would god want it the way that it's going on. father jonathan is in next. >> and it's the takedown. it's all caught on camera. what happened a purse snatcher hit up the wrong produce aisle. watch this. ♪ ♪
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:46 am
a legal battle that bitterly divided this country. should terry schiavo or die. that family is stepping in. >> it's terrible the way they label my sister. they labeled her as a vegetable, as brain dead even. what's the rush with this young girl?
4:47 am
why not give her some time to see if, in fact, she can improve. >> the hospital for jahi mcmath's is wanting to unhook the life support. >> what a tough situation. >> it is. i'm only going to talk based on the information we've been given in the public. what i'm going to say is probably going to offend some people. it's not for religion or faith to determine when somebody is alive or dead. science tells us that. and when there's a consensus, a scientific consensus that somebody is dead, faith and religion are a tool, they're a help to us to deal with death, not to try to bring somebody back to life or to suggest that you keep them on life support even though they're dead. what the doctors are saying --
4:48 am
what we've heard from the doctors from the hospital is that there's no brain movement whatsoever. >> right. >> absolutely none. that's very different than the terry schiavo case where there was some brain activity. >> but there isn't often and i can't speak of a specific case but it's not so clear whether people are alive or dead. there often is not a scientific consensus about that. >> so there are two really determinations, types or criteria that are used. one would be a cardiopulmonary criteria, right? then there's another would be brain activity and neurological criteria. there's a very strong consensus among ethicists that you can use both of those criteria to determine. what you have to be careful of, this happens a lot, when you make a determination that someone is dead because there's no neurological activity in order to get the organ. you have to be careful to make sure that there really is no brain activity.
4:49 am
in this case, it seems that there is no brain activity, right from the stem of the brain all the way throughout the whole brain. in that case you don't say, god tells me to keep her alive. yes, we should be respecting life, but we shouldn't pretend that somebody alive when they're not. >> god is telling me to keep her alive, what should we take away from that? >> i think it's wonderful, the respect and the love that they have from her and it was a tragic case. she was a totally healthy young girl, but i think that pastors, priests, whoever need to step in and hem thlp them deal with thet that when someone has died, they've died. the soul is no longer there. we have to trust science and not just trust any doctor or hospital, look at the consensus of medical advice. >> all right. father john, thank you. >> father, thank you so much. difficult subject. coming up here on the show, you might be killing your car and you don't even know it. the tips you need that could save your car and your life during these hare much winter
4:50 am
months. that is next. ♪ shut up and die ♪ shut up and die
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
i'm sure we all know someone who violates these next rules we get to. the average american clocking 13,476 miles. many want stable cars. >> many ignore unstable signs. here to help us stop making the common mistakes is "consumer reports" auto expert, mike quincy. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. >> the first one you have for us is some people don't change
4:54 am
their oil. when i used to drive a car before i moved to the city, i was bad about this, too. >> what's oil? >> that's the life blood of your car. if you only do one thing in terms of maintenance, you definitely want to change your debate for us now. with all of these synthetic oils, it used to be 3 to 5,000 miles. what's the deal? >> some cars are designed to go 10,000 miles in between oil changes. average, probably about 7500. bottom line you'll hear me saying this over and over while i'm here today, check your owner's manual. that's where you find out. you don't need to go every 3,000 miles. i wouldn't put synthetic oil which costs more than regular oil in it if your car doesn't demand it. >> tires can be super expensive which is another reason why you need to make sure you do the maintenance properly. >> right. "consumer reports" spends a lot of time testing the tires. one thing we've noticed is in the wintertime you need to check your air pressure. when the air is colder your tires will lose more air
4:55 am
pressure. >> one of the things people fail to do is air filters y. is this so important? >> it's not as important as people say. compared to older cars, you don't need to change your air filter as much. "consumer reports" did some testing. we found that newer cars, slightly dirty air filter, doesn't affect fuel economy as much. probably not as big of a red flag. >> older cars. >> how about braking with worn brake pads, another thing i was guilty of. it would squeal really bad. then i had to replace the rotors, is that right? >> right. you wear down the pads enough that you eat into the rotors. a lot of people get worked up about car maintenance. i'm not a master mechanic. i don't know these things. listen. use your ears when you're driving. there are wear sensors in the pads that start squeaking that give you the indication your pads are getting low, it's time to take your car in and get the brakes checked. >> one of the other tips you say is a roundup comment that you make not knowing what your car truly needs. is that from listening and paying attention to the dashboard lights? >> i think you can do a lot of that yourself.
4:56 am
you get comfortable with your car. you know when the car isn't driving right. making a noise, you're on the highway you feel a shimmy in the front end. the brake pads are making noise you can tell a lot more about it than you think. you don't want a mechanic to say you need this, this, this. we need to change your transmission fluid. a lot of transmissions, for example, have fluid that's encased in the transmission. it's good for the life of the car. so you don't want to be talked into spending more money on your maintenance than is necessary. >> real quick before we let you go. a few seconds. tire pressure during the winter. you want to lower the tire pressure, increase it, what do you want to do? you want to check it. >> it's not the number on the sides wall. you should keep the pressure that is what the placard says. you don't need to make the pressure higher. >> find a mechanic that you trust. >> that's worth the weight in gold. >> mike quincy, thank you so much. >> thanks, mike. coming up on the show, the temperatures may be at record lows, with you the eagles fans
4:57 am
proving no one tailgates better than they do in philadelphia. >> turn on the bubbles please. obamacare hitting another low. a group of nuns has to violate their religious beliefs. chris wallace weighs in next. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. if you have a buness idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reali. start your business today with legalzoom.
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hello. good morning. it is sunday, the 5th of january, 2014. i'm anna kooiman. a bitter cold freeze hitting the nation with temperatures not seen in decades. even going as far as 70 degrees below zero with wind chill. how long will it last? we're tracking it all for you straight ahead. and call it irony. sad irony. the thousands of people obamacare was supposed to help gain coverage now being left out to dry all because of the faulty website. you'll never believe the white house's solution to the messed up website. we'll tell you in a minute. then speaking of bureaucracy. the food police backing down on strict rules for your kids'
5:01 am
school lunches. not so fast. the government may be going after your own dinner table with new recommendations next. "fox & friends" hour three begins right now. welcome in to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. wake up. wake up, america. >> good morning. >> the first sunday of 2014. it's freezing outside. it is warm in here. >> warming hearts all across the country. >> they took the christmas decorations down over there. >> isn't it always sad when that happens. what's the rule on that? >> to me, take down the lights. i took down the lights after the new year. if i don't, it's going to be like -- >> that's a 4th of july project. >> it will be easter. >> we still have some up here in the studio. >> maybe 12 days of christmas. the 40 days of christmas around here. >> i hate to wreck the mood but we have more bad news on the obamacare front. how's this for irony. the law passed, of course,
5:02 am
because it was supposed to help people without coverage. it turns out the opposite effect. 100,000 medicaid patients at least, maybe as many as a quarter million young patients, children may learn very soon that they don't have insurance. they thought they did. they signed up for the website but it apparently didn't go through for them. >> yeah. the obama administration admitting that they're sending out in phone calls, flyers, all sorts of things getting on the phone tracking these individuals, it's been difficult to track. remember, a lot of the information was wrong. so these people at the beginning of the year thought they had access to the c.h.i.p. program, also had access to medicaid. turns out many probably don't. they have to get on the phone and the government is basically telling them, hey, go back to the website, we apolapologize. the best thing for you to do is to start over from the beginning. >> start over from the beginning because if you try to go take your child to the doctor you may find out that you don't have coverage. how scary is all of that? apparently there's a problem with the website, it's a glitch that's being exposed. this article we were reading from the washington post. essentially when people go in
5:03 am
there and they're typing in their information income, for example, if they fit the bill for it, they're supposed to be fired over to their state website instead and be able to find out that way. there's a problem with that. also one more website issue. the washington post mentioned it. it's not able to change anything so if you have a life change, a baby, that would alter things. if you move to a new address, that would alter things. >> you get married. >> the changes can't be made. >> it works great if you don't need health care and nothing in your life ever changes. it's the health care system for you. >> oh, okay. >> it turns out, look, a lot of problems with obamacare are philosophical but some are technical. this is something that the white house has finally figured out. their answer, they said this yesterday, it turns out there are not a lot of people in the federal bureaucracy who can build a website, who know about tech. their new solution, more bureaucracy. the obama administration is actually considering a new
5:04 am
federal agency to build websites. >> this is the answer to any problem, of course. we need security, let's build a homeland security agency. when we need something else, build a new agency for it. so a new agency that could be by itself or a unit inside of the gsa. and they would hire government tech specialists. they would train them with private sector security folks and actually work on all of these things in the private sector. of course, remember, the private sector largely responsible for the obamacare website in the first place. it was a contracted website in the first place. >> who are they having to bring this to clean up the mess with all of this? the problem that the government has a lot though, too, is with recruitment. very often these young whiz kids, they can go to solly con valley, they can go to wall street, they can get higher salaries, better stock options. why would they? with the furloughs and pay freezes. >> i'll tell you why. obama is so cool. all the hip code -- you know, all the hackers, all the cool
5:05 am
tech people are going to work with obama. >> no. if you've read any articles about the silicon valley, the engineers are being recruited by twitter, facebook. they're in fierce competition. they're giving huge bonuses like tesla cars to engineers. top engineers. do you think the government can compete with that? they can't compete with the likes of facebook, google, twitter. a number of them have come forward to say i've been recruited by the government to come and help and i've said no way. why would i want to get involved in the hornet's nest. >> they say we don't have enough people inside of government to make good sound technology decisions. this gap between the public sector and the private sector has really affected their knowledge. >> yeah. this is the conclusion they've reached. three months or two months anyway after the lunch -- the official launch of obama care and the disasters.
5:06 am
we don't have enough people who know what they're doing. >> let us know what you think. do we need more government to fix the problem or is that the problem itself. five minutes after the hour. on to some other stories making headlines this sunday. chaos continuing in iraq at this hour. moments ago we learned bombings in the capital of baghdad have killed at least 15 people. meantime, secretary of state john kerry speaking out for the first time since the militants with al qaeda ties overran the cities of if a luj falujah and . they say the united states will not be sending troops back in. some scary moments at one of the country's busiest airports. spirit airlines trying to take off from chicago's o'hare airline slid off the runway. this picture posted on twitter shortly after it happened where 141 passengers were on board that flight. it was heading to las vegas.
5:07 am
they were all put on another flight and fortunately no one was hurt. the drama at the bottom of the world continues. the u.s. coast guard now stepping in sending a heavy duty ice breaker ship to the ant arctic to rescue two other stuck ice breakers. a russian ship has been stranded since christmas. the crew stayed behind while 52 passengers were air lifted off by a helicopter sent by a chinese ice breaker. that ship also getting stuck. let's talk a little sports. >> all right. >> the nfl playoffs kicking off in indianapolis. the chiefs and the colts, fourth quarter colts storming back from an unbelievable 28-point deficit. 41-31. chiefs donald brown fumbles at the 2. andrew luck picks it up and dives in for the score. later watch this, luck finds ty hilton for the 64-yard touchdown. how do you leave him open? colts end up winning it 45-44.
5:08 am
let's go to philadelphia where my eagles, fourth quarter, 23-17, saints. nick foles hits zach ertz for the three-yard touchdown. there were a lot of tears in philadelphia after this though because three seconds left on the clock, saints line up for a game-winning field goal. saints win 26-24. much of course was made of the freezing temperatures there in philadelphia and the saints pulled it out. check this out though, no one tailgates better than eagles fans. i can attest to that. a bunch of eagles fans showing it's not that cold. they got the hot tub out in the parking lot of lincoln financial field. got some beers out and soft pressle pretzels. a green pepper was floating. >> that's disgusting. >> they were making soup. they threw carrots in and peppers. >> the chlorine. >> philly sports fans.
5:09 am
the nation bracing for a deep freeze. wind chills, 70 degrees below zero in some places. janice dean knows where those places are. she's been tracking it all. janice? >> tucker, look at the cold air that's coming southward from the north pole. we're talking about wind chills in the 40s and 50s in canada. now stretching as far south as the deep south. and i have to admit, i have not seen this many wind chill warnings in my career. over two dozen states into the deep chill with wind chill warnings, meaning that it is dangerous. dangerous to be outside. taking a look at that wind chill forecast. minus 20s, minus 30s, minus 40s, minus 50s. some of the coldest air we have seen in many, many years. winter weather advisories. because we have a storm system coming, 6 to 12 inches possible. then as the system moves eastward, the purples that you see on the map, freezing rain
5:10 am
advisories from west virginia up to maine. things are difficult for travel. a lot of cancellations again. >> 6,000 flights, unbelievable. i'm so flattered. tucker told me he's been hanging on my every word. >> i have. i'm from southern california where nothing ever happens. i'm watching this spell bound. >> you were on the plane a few hours before. >> 2:50 a.m. jfk had thousands of people. >> let's talk about food this morning. you remember a few years ago when the usda decided to put into place some new school lunch program rules that limited the amount of protein and grains in the school lunches all in an effort for an overall reduction of calories. a bunch of kids made protest videos saying how hungry they were. they put them on youtube.
5:11 am
kids couldn't play volleyball, they didn't have the energy. kids were so hungry they couldn't focus on their tasks. here's one of those videos. the usda this morning has reversed its course. >> yeah. this is the 2012-2013 school year and, you know, with the kids being upset about it, complaining of the hunger pains, school districts, parents, they apparently have won this. the food police is having to back down. it could be a temporary stay and now it's being made permanent. >> they can't even make up their mind about what the science says. we're always getting lectured about science, it's in the name of science. the truth is there isn't a lot of consensus on a lot of questions. science hasn't answered these questions or the federal government can't decide what the answer is. remember the food pyramid? >> right. you have at the top of that, meats, healthy cheeses, healthy fats at the very top so this tiny little portion which we know is the thing you should be
5:12 am
eating the most of. at the bottom with the giant portion of the pyramid which had all the grains and pastas and things that you probably shouldn't be eating. now they have the food plate which is what they've added to the list. this is their new thing. choose my which still has a small amount of protein on there, a large amount of vegetables. that's great. not listening to the doctors who are leading all of the science and research, the government is putting this up. >> it doesn't stop them from preventing from you eating that. the new targets are caffeine and sodium, neither one of which has been proven to kill a lot of people. >> for these kids in particular, you know what, gatorade and powerade has sodium in it because of the electrolytes. athletes need it. >> they need water. >> whatever happened to choice. individual choice. turns out they only mean it when it comes to abortion. other choices like what you eat, what kind of light bulbs you use, shower head you install,
5:13 am
toilet, these are choices the federal government ought to make for you. >> do you know what's bad, the food truck. >> that is really sad. >> food trucks. >> who loves street meat? i do. >> i do, too. high five. high five for street meat. >> it's delicious. they have so many regulations that they have to jump through in the first place. a lot of these food trucks do incredible business and make incredible food. they don't want to have the overhead of having a mortgage. >> i've lived in san diego and it's not like there are millions of restaurants. some of the food trucks are great. >> the band, they're always pushed by restaurants. upers is always under attack by taxi drivers. it's always business using the government to cut down on their competition and get to some advantage. >> air b and b being crushed by the hotel industry. >> coming up on the show,
5:14 am
obamacare hitting another hurdle. now the white house forcing a group of nuns to violate their religious beliefs. account president's signature law survive this high court battle? chris wallace will weigh in on that next. at 06 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall f roble avenue. ♪ this magic momt it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those o believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world'great stories. that began much the same w ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪
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5:17 am
the white house asking the supreme court to force catholic groups to follow the birth control man cates. do -- mandates. does that violate their religious freedom. chris wallace is weighing in on this question and more. >> good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> are we seeing the prelude to a big supreme court bat willing to come? perhaps a precedent in the making? >> i think almost certainly. there are cases. the one that justice sotomayor, interestingly enough, an obama
5:18 am
appointee put an injunction on. they say that this birth control mandate violates their religious freedom but there are hundreds of religion affiliated nonprofits around the country who are making the same claim. there have been cases on both sides. my guess is it ends up being decided by the full court. >> the white house didn't have to get into this fight. they could have ignored it. they could have ignored it. what are the politics of this from their point of view. do you think they're getting something out of this? >> well, i think their feeling is that certainly a lot of women and those are big constituents of the president believe that their access to health care and according to the polls, if you believe them, women including catholic women overwhelmingly support access to contraception.
5:19 am
the argument that the government made in its brief asking for a listing of the injunction in this case, they say all they have to do is sign a certification. they say we have religious certification. that would give them the relief that they want by opting out. they're informing their insurance company, we're opting out. you have an obligation to provide the contraception and that makes the little sisters come police sit in what they consider a sin. so it's a complicated issue and there are strong arguments on both sides of the case. >> yeah. you wonder how much bigger it will get with groups like the hobby lobby. there's a belief that their faith wouldn't -- >> that's a somewhat different case.
5:20 am
there are two different groups. one is we're talking about nonprofits like the little sisters who are church affiliated hospitals or universities like notre dame, they're all saying this violates their rights. then you have corporations, for profit corporations like hobby lobby. what they do, the owners say, is that this violates our rights because we also don't want to be come police sit in birth control. the interesting question there is do corporations have religious rights in the case of citizens united, the court said they have free lights. >> you have mitt romney coming on the show today. he'll be talking about the olympics, obamacare, what else? >> he'll also be talking about that attack on his little african-american adopted grandson on msnbc. we'll be interested to hear what he has to say. then we're talking to two key people over the birth control mandate. mike rienzi you see there, lead council for the nuns and then
5:21 am
naral. >> chris wallace, have a great sunday. thanks so much. >> thanks, guys. same to you. coming up on the show, he paid the ultimate sacrifice to save his team. now one navy s.e.a.l.'s bravy being remembered in a movie. a few of the people behind the movie join us next. there they are. [beep] [clicks mouse] nice office. how you doing? good. automatic discounts the moment you sign up.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
hey, good morning. thanks for being with us. michael murphy was killed on a mission trying to save his team. >> this was a mission to get the real bad guys. it was enemy territory. they were compromised. the enemy found them. they were in the firefight of their life. >> four men trapped on the ground and these guys were under heavy fire. >> she's not going to get hurt n
5:25 am
his own. he's going to get hurt trying to protect somebody. >> the film is in a different battle. that's to win an academy award. joining us is scott mctavish and two others. scott, i'll start with you about murph the protector. why did you decide to explore him? we think about navy s.e.a.l.s as heroes and we're so impressed by the training they go through. you look at him as a man. >> his story is amazing going back to his childhood when he was -- he was in the neighborhood with -- he was a mentor to the young kids in his neighborhood. he was a life guard. he was an outstanding performer at penn state and his story is told in s.e.a.l. of honor, the book. i'm friendly with the author. as i read the book i realized this guy has an amazing story to tell. >> jeff, what is the story about the firefight that ensued? >> michael and a team of three
5:26 am
other naefy s.e.a.l.s were on a mountain in afghanistan and they were hiding and just some goat herders happened to walk over them right over their position and found them and they were unfriendly and those goat herders eventually were released by their custody and told the local taliban that they were there and a large -- many dozens of firefighters came at them from the top of the mountain and went through a huge firefight. michael did an unbelievable thing by trying to get in contact with home to get some help for him and his men and went out into the open where he was under direct fire and made a phone call to home to get some support. >> yeah. and saved a lot of people potentially. chris, you know, the song that you guys are going to be sipping for us, they're coming back later on the show, got to hear you going through hair and makeup. everybody was just in awe.
5:27 am
what made you want to get involved with this project and do the song in the first place? >> we just thought that there was like a real authenticity to having a voice of navy vets behind the music. there's a lot of music out there that is sung from a veterans' perspective or service member's perspective, and we really liked the fact that scott's a navy vet and it's kind of like a very grassroots type of film and for us to come on board as navy vets and kind of keep that piece of if organic and holistic was really exciting for us. and i think it just lends kind of a little extra just to make -- hopefully make the film that much better. >> yeah, okay. thanks. can't wait to hear from you in our 9:00 hour. going to be sipping the song and good luck in the race. we're crossing our fingers for you. >> thanks. 27 minutes after the hour here on "fox & friends." next on the rundown, it's the takedown that's going to make your day. caught on camera.
5:28 am
what happens when a purse snatcher hit up the wrong produce aisle. check this out. fighting back. plus, this little boy not impressed with mom's shoe collection. he's throwing them right down the stairs. it's hilarious video quickly going viral. ♪ one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you ♪ works as a laptop and a tabl. so i can manage my crazy life, and also he a life. [ be ] gotta go. ♪
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5:32 am
hello, peter. >> what's happening? i'm going to need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow so if you could be here around 9:00, that would be great, okay? >> okay. >> okay? welcome back to "fox & friends." >> that makes you want to be unemployed just watching that. >> the office culture. it is 2014, of course, so there are some workplace phrases that need to be removed from your vocabulary. a list of these being published this weekend. things that you need to remove, including stop using noncommittal language. avoid phrases like, i should be able to do that. if anyone says, i will try -- >> that means they definitely won't do it. >> i'll try to call you tomorrow
5:33 am
you can pretty much count on them not calling you. >> it's so lawyerly. it's like a pre-nup. it's building an out into the original agreement. bad. >> we have a friend who does that in a social environment. well, are you going to come or not? i want to make my plans, too. kind of disrespectful. >> right. here's an annoying one we can get rid of. surreal. it was surreal. it turns out unless you are dah surreal. it's an art term. >> describe the event and elaborate on how it struck you. it's too commonly used. surre surreal. >> the next one is something, quote, unquote. employers see using air quotes a lack of articulation. >> it's filler for not being able to articulate your point, right? >> that's right. we call it -- editors call it the square quotes, quote, unquote. what is that? >> people use that like i'm a
5:34 am
gym nist, quote, unquote. what does that mean? >> it means you're not a gymnast. our director said i'm a director. everybody who works with obama begins a sentence with so. so, we thought a lot about this. so, we're going to have to take away your individual choices so, this is a good idea. >> it's a filler word. i'm sure i'm guilty of this, too. saying things like ah, um. filler. >> it's a tick. >> a certain kind of npr listener. >> it makes you sound erudite. it's a good idea, right? >> you know what i mean? forcing somebody to agree with you. you know what i mean? >> rhetorical. >> what are your -- what phrases in the office place do you want removed from your vocabulary for 2014? >> inappropriate. i'm going to say this again,
5:35 am
inappropriate has no inherent meaning. it means, i don't care for it, therefore, you shouldn't be allowed to do it. >> you were fighting in 2014 to have that removed. >> i did. >> unless you are officially a kindergarten teacher speaking to kindergarten students, don't use the word inappropriate. >> he gets more fired up about this than the lottery. >> it's inappropriate. >> all right. we have other stories making some headlines. >> a student pilot saves himself and the lives of passengers by making an emergency landing on a new york highway. the plane took off from connecticut to tour new york city on saturday afternoon and on its way back the plane started having engine problems. the pilot was forced to land on a highway in the bronx area. >> the plane hit the ground. they came 12r5i9 down. they hit the tree tops. and we helped escort the passengers off the truck. i told them to get inside my vehicle to stay warm.
5:36 am
>> road crews able -- were able to stop traffic and close down lanes to help the plane land. no one was seriously hurt. amazon founder jeff bezos air lifted by the ecuadorian navy after being struck with kidney stones aboard a cruiseship in the galapagos islands on new year's day. ecuador flew him to his private jet to fly back to the united states. a spokesperson for amazon said no surgery was need and he's feeling fine. asked about the ordeal galapagos, five stars. kidney stones, zero stars. a vermont purse snatcher taken down by a fellow shopper. surveillance video shows a crowd turning on a would-be thief attempting to run off with an older woman's purse. you can see one person pushed the thief against the produce while another wrestled away the stolen bag. good work there. good samaritans. and this toddler decides he is no fan of his parents' shoe collection and takes matters
5:37 am
into his own hands. here he is, taking their shoes hurling them down the stairs one at a time. seems pretty proud of himself there. >> not a fan of adidas. >> smiling as the camera catches him in the act. >> that's what our daughter does. she goes in the closet and grabs all of my wife's shoes and tries to put them on. >> they start young. >> they do. high heels, janice. problem. janice dean standing by. she is outside with the local forecast. high, janice. >> i have to admit, it's a little depressing here. there's nobody here and the snow is starting to turn gray. >> yeah. that black snow, that slush. >> right. it's not fun anymore. i don't have any friends today. >> you've been warning them that it's going to be deathly cold temperatures. that's why there's no human beings on the street. >> you're right. thank you for making me feel better about that. take a look at the temperatures. we're getting a freezing drizzle here in new york city. that's what i'm afraid of. we're going up in the temperature department while the rest of the country goes down and because of that, any moisture that moves into the
5:38 am
region is going to freeze. so we have freezing rain advisories from west virginia up towards maine. the other huge story is the incredibly cold air directly from the north pole moving into minneapolis and kansas city. those are your current wind chills. even feels like 18 in dallas. it's just going to get worse throughout the day today. look at chicago. you could set a record high cold temperature on monday. minus 13. that's an actual air temperature with the wind chill it could feel anywhere from minus 20 to minus 30. in some cases we could see wind chills upwards of minus 60 across the northern tier of the country. then you have this storm system that will bring 6 to 12 inches of snow. see where the green is. that's where we have a chilly rain. in some cases we'll see that freezing precipitation on the roads, on the power linings. so i'm a little bit afraid of that. certainly it will cause delays and cancellations yet again at the airport. all right. i'm depressed again, clayton. back to you. >> yeah. so wet rain, sleet, mess, no
5:39 am
wonder no one is outside with you. >> let's go to florida. >> let's book it. let's talk some sports this morning. louisville head coach charlie strong telling the cardinals that he's going to texas. strong, 37-15 in four seasons at louisville including three bowl wins will replace mack brown. brown resigned following 16 years in charge of the longhorns. new developments on the future of star texas a&m quarterback, johnny manziel. he's heading to the nfl. we all knew this was happening, right? aggies wide receiver telling the local broadcasters johnny football is, quote, unquote, gone. manziel has not publicly commented about his status. he has until january 15th to declare for the draft, quote, unquote. and everything is up in the air, that's what olympic gold medalist lindsay von's coach had to say for the sochi games last
5:40 am
month. vonn has not skid for two weeks. she'll likely skip next week's world cup in austria. this after tweaking her right knee. that's nearly after a year after reconstructing two knee ligaments. quick look at sports for you. >> very dedicated. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. should people who want welfare have to pass a drug test? a judge just slapped that idea down. that's the lawmaker fighting back why he says this ruling is simply unamerican. and dennis rodman is headed back to north korea. this time he's bringing some of his nba friends. his dream team revealed they're taller than their north korean opponen opponents. more ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ we're gonna be late. ♪
5:41 am
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[ daughter ] i've mastered the art of foot cleaning. oh, boy. oh, boy. oh, boy. [ carmel ] that drives me nuts. it gives me anxiety just thinking about how crazy they get. [ doorbell rings ] [ daughter ] oh, wow. [ carmel ] swiffer wett. you guys should try this. it's so sy. oh, my. [ gasps ] i just washe this floor. if i didn't see i wouldn't believe it. [ carmel ] it did my heart good toee you cleaning. [ regina ] yeah, your generation has all the good stuff. [ daughter ] oh, yeah.
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5:44 am
welcome back. dennis rodman is unveiling he has a team of exhibition players to play in north korea. kenny anderson, cliff robinson and vin baker. they'll play a north korean team on kim jong-un's birthday. basketball diplomacy. two people escaped near death after being shot at point blank range. they were able to dodge every bullet. footage of the attack released by italian authorities after a two-year investigation led them to the shooters. tucker? thanks, clayton. well, a district judge who shot down florida's law requiring drug tests for welfare benefits. she said in her ruling, quote, there is no set of circumstances under which the warrantless suspiciousless drug testing in
5:45 am
this case could be constitutionally applied. so is this another win for entitlement nation? joining us is florida state representative will weatherford. he brings his take on the ruling in his state. mr. weatherford, thank you for joining us. opponents of drug testing say it's unwarranted government intrusion into the personal life of citizens. what's your response to that? >> well, here's my thought. we passed this bill two years ago. we did it because we felt like we should not be using taxpayer dollars to subsidize someone's lifestyle if they're taking drugs and i believe the federal court just a couple of days ago by throwing this law out and saying it was unconstitutional, what i believe they're saying is they're saying we have no right to their privacy, but at the same time an employer who employs someone has a right to drug test them before they hire them. i think there's an inconsistency there. to me there's a common sense and i'm proud of our governor who has done a great job who will be appealing the ruling. >> i think the idea is that we give people money out of the
5:46 am
treasury and we have no right to expect or ask anything in return. just shut up and pay, that's the message to taxpayers, isn't it? >> i don't know what the message is from the judge. what i know is i think overwhelmingly people understand that if you're going to subsidize someone's lifestyle, there are people who are down and out, there are people who need help. i think we can all agree on that. there needs to be a safety net. if you're a part of that safety net, you should not be on drugs. you should not be taking drugs and at the same time expect the state of florida or the united states of america to subsidize and help your lifestyle. that is something that we don't do in america. >> for respect i want to put up on the screen for our viewers, food stamp enrollment numbers, 2008 when the president took office, 28 million people, last year 2013 the number had grown to 47 million. almost actually 48 million people on food stamps. more than doubled in price to the taxpayer. why the huge jump in welfare dependency in this country?
5:47 am
>> well, i think we're talking about obama's economy here. the president's economy, frankly, has gone through some very challenging times. the reason for that is they believe government is the solution. they believe if you create more entitlements for people, that somehow that will lift people up out of poverty. what we know as conservatives and frankly as a republican what i know is that if you give someone an education, if you give someone and teach them how to embrace the free enterprise system, that's what's going to lift them up out of poverty. that gets them off of food stamps and off of medicaid. it's more freedom and more education. >> should there be any social stigma attached to receiving government benefits? >> no, i don't think there should be a social stigma attached. again, there are people in this country who are down and out. there are people in this country that are stuck in what i call generational poverty and there are people that need a hand up but at the same time, we have to have accountability for those folks. we have to give them an education.
5:48 am
we have to show them how to live and how to function in a free enterprise system. we have to protect and fight for free enterprise. if we do that, we will see people rise up out of poverty. putting someone on a government program and hope that will lift them up out of a situation, that's not going to work. >> mr. weatherford joining us from florida. thanks a lot. we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. coming up, caught on camera, a fiery landing. a packed plane touches down with no whooels. the details on this brand new video coming up. then out with the old and make room for the new. we'll show you how to tackle your kids' messy closets in j t just ten minutes. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
well, with the new year, why not give your family a fresh start and clear out the clutter in your house? especially in your kids' closets which can end up like the bermuda triangle. here to help us organize is stacey. nice do you see this morning. >> nice to see you, clayton. >> we desperately need this in our house. i put on for my son like night some short sleeved pajamas. and i'm like, why is this even in here? we should have the polarizing pajamas. >> that's exactly right. >> what do we need to do? >> going out with the old. quickly, create two piles. your initial pile will be of things that you're going to toss out. a super cute hannah anderson wetter here. it isn't something we're necessarily going to be wearing
5:53 am
going forward. that's going to go into the toss pile. >> just make the big tile on the floor. >> that's right. >> and you can donate it if it doesn't have rips in it. >> actually, no. these are items that are torn and stained and otherwise on might go in that pile. items that you would want donate you would put into a bag from school of stitch. you can get a balance from school of stitch going going on to their website. it's school, like school your child goes to, a and they send you a prepaid bag. you go through your closet and find an item like these adorable ugg boots which now no long every would fit a 6-year-old. you would take that, put it in the bag. >> but they're perfect. >> they're perfect. these look like they've been worn maybe two or three times. they retail for about $120. stitch will mark it down and sell it for probably about $20.
5:54 am
>> fill up these bags, send it off donation wise. as far as tax purposes, a lot of people are concerned about that. do you get any sort of receipt? >> you don't get a red for it, but your school, like i said, gets 40% of the proceeds. you can see here, you fill up your entire bag. it has it labeled by the school itself. so the school is tagged. they take it, they photograph it, they put it up on the site. great brand names like gap a polo and ouggs and those sorts f things. you get great deals. >> let's talk about cleaning out some of the junk. get the kids involved in this and get some crates and boxes. >> divide and conquer. so this here is a drawer divider. and you can see we've got leggings and sock ones and some tank tops here. but, again, if you get draw dividers, it helps make things a lot more organized.
5:55 am
if you don't have a drawer divider on hand, you might want to use a silverware drawer. there you can see other sort of fashion accessories, belts or barette or whatnot can go in there. very easy and simple to do. helps makes things organized. >> the biggest problem i have is with seasons. you've done something ingenious here with the different seasons to get rid of this clutter. >> that's right. as you can see here in the closet, we've organized things by summer and spring, which obviously rpt the things that we're looking to wear right now. and then we've divided up the upper part of the closet so that your winter clothes are hanging here and your spring clothes and summer clothes are hanging over there which makes getting out the door in the morning easier. >> where can people find tips on all this stuff? >> schoolastitch is where you get for your donation bag. >> we'll put it all in one
5:56 am
place. and you can find all that information there. >> perfect. >> thanks, stacey. coming next on the show, a new article fueling a base, are men obsolete? the founder of women for men, here to explain why we might be witnessing the end of man. then i might as well go home. and it only takes one person to ruin what is supposed to be the best day of your life. >> nobody knows stu like i do. what i can tell you this is, this is not stu's first marriage. >> coming up, we're breaking down the worst wedding gaffes ever. [ male announcer ] even ragu users a. chose prego traditional over ragu traditional. prego?! but i buy ragu. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made.
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[ pop muzak plays ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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good morning. it's sunday, january 5th, 2014. call it irony. the thousands of people oh obamacare was supposed to help people with coverage is now being left out to dry. and the white house's solution? more big government. and if you thought rolling stone couldn't get any filthier after glorifying the cover of a magazine, they just did. what the magazine is now publishing that will wreck your morning. but city tuned for it, anyway. it's that good. >> and we knew this was going to happen eventually, a new article fueling a demand that men are obsolete. coming up this hour, a plan to save all men. you need to watch. we're going to save you. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. >> like the dinosaurs, dave. we're going boy the way of the dodo bird, too. >> men? >> yeah.
6:01 am
we're in some deep trouble. >> good morning. hour four of fox & friends on the first sunday of 2014 gibbs. good morning, anna. >> good morning, how are you, turker carlson and clay morris? >> good morning. >> are we going to keep doing that? >> we have to keep warm because it's like negative 7 degrees outside. >> we have to do something to keep warm. >> janice is going to be up with that scary forecast in just a moment. >> ongoing chaos in iraq. at this hour, as a new wave of bombings in baghdad claim the lives of at least 20 people. meanti meantime, secretary of state john kerry speaking out for the first time since al qaeda militants siege the cities of falluja and ramada last week. the united states will not be sending troops. we have new video just into fox news. sparks flying as a saudi arabian flight makes an emergency landing without its landing
6:02 am
gear. the gear failed to deploy forcing the city to land in the city of medina. 49 people were hurt when scrambling passengers ran to evacuate. a dozen people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. new york city governor andrew cuomo is set to add his name to the list of those lifting restrictions on medical marijuana. allowing a number of hospitals to use pot to treat certain ailments. the plan is to start dispensing medical marijuana as soon as they year. and old man winter, the midwest now getting 4i9 with more snow. here is a live look out at st. louis, missouri. thick snow falling with reports the area has gotten 3 inches. this as the nation prepares for dangerously low temperatures. some areas may get hit with the lows not seen in decades. windchills, 70 degrees below zero. you heard it right. it's expected to be so bad the
6:03 am
governor of minnesota has already ordered all public schools closed tomorrow. we'll have a live report for you at the bottom of the hour. and those are your headlines. >> thank you very much, anna. you remember the talking point, i'm sure, like it was yesterday. we need obamacare right away because so many people don't have insurance. well, guess what st leading cause is of people not having insurance? obamacare. >> the website itself. in fact, a lot of people may be waking up not realizing that they don't have coverage. upwards of 100,000 medicaid patients and young children who would be on that children's health insurance program, also known as c.h.i.p. are finding they were never processed on the website. the obama administration is having to get on the phone, track these people down, or send them a letter saying go back to the website and sign up again because it never went through. >> literally having to send out
6:04 am
letters, going back to the pen and paper may seem obsolete. so apparently there's an issue with the website that when people are typing in their information, their income in particular, it's supposed to send them to their state's website so that they can get that medicaid, but that part of the website is having a glitch. and so, mom, if you think you have coverage and your child gets sick, they're saying, nope, you've got to go to the website and try to do all this again or maybe you should do it on the phone or maybe you should do it the old fashioned paper way. >> the old fashioned way. we're back to step one. in spite of all the problems the obama care website has experienced, in spite of the disaster there's obamacare itself. you haven't heard a lot from the insurance industry, which is at the very center of the cloth. why is that? very interesting question. there was a guest on the huck kaby show last night.
6:05 am
this is her explanation from the insurance business has remained quiet in the face of these disasters. listen. >> i think the industry felt like it didn't have a choice. what choice do you have when the federal government is saying, you will do this or you will be faced with fines. you will be out of business. you know, when the federal government is saying we are the all mighty, we are the powerful, we are not only telling you the, the industry, what to do, we are telling you, state government, what to do. we are telling you, small business. we are telling you, big business. and we are telling you, individual, what to do. you have no choice. >> and the insurance companies, of course, it's hard to shed a tear for them, of course, because they were so involved in this process from the very beginning. a lot of people making a point in a piece in "the washington post" the other day saying we better get a law on the books right now that we do not bail out the insurance companies. yes, they've been quiet.
6:06 am
they've been in it from the beginning. we better not bail out the insurance companies. >> they should have. without their help, i don't think we would have obamacare right now. they went along with it because they were promised new customers. obamacare requires people to buy their product. outrage after outrage, you see industry getting on board on behalf of new regulations. light bulbs just got banned. s a of new year's day, you were not allowed to make or import incan desant bulb necessary this country. who is behind that? light bulb manufacturers. so i think it's worth calling out industry when it's complicit in limiting your choice. >> when you get from 30 cents a like bulb to upwards of $10 or even one of these csls for $6, they're making money on that. >> well, but the white house is impressed about what is your plan b and they kind of won't answer. and it appears that it will be some sort of a bailout. >> yeah. i hope not. speaking of obamacare, the president has wrapped up a two-week vacation in hawaii,
6:07 am
boarded air force one overnight and head back to washington with his 2014 already off to a rocky start for james rosen is live in washington with the latest on that prng. >> good morning. i'm glad you didn't talk to me saying speaking of dim bulbs. good morning to you guys. when president obama arrives back in the capitol about 90 minutes from now, he will have markedly less mriel capital than he enjoyed one year ago. only four in ten americans gave the chief executive's job performance a thumbs up in december. that was down 10 points from the start of his second term. on monday, the democrat-controlled senate will vote on a procedural measure to extend unemployment benefits to many americans whose jobless benefits expired. >> just a few days after christmas, more than 1 million fellow americans lost a vital economic lifeline. the temporary assurance that helps ends meet while they look for a job. for many constituents who were
6:08 am
unemployed through no fault of their own, that decision will leave them with no yank at all. >> republicans say mr. obama has no plan to offset the cost of extended unemployment insurance and that such assistance was always intended to be temporary. on tuesday, the president will up the ante by appearing at the white house with some of those americans whose jobless benefits have run out. >> thanks, james. one of the brightest bulbs in fox news. thank you. >> very kind. thank you. if you read "rolling stone" magazine? god bless you if you do. the magazine pushing a new line for the unemployment rate in america. all of those ma lynn yapales living in their parents basement right now refuse to go look for work, "rolling stone" has a plan for how to combat all of this. young people don't read "rolling stone. on "it's all math teachers over 60 i think. but anyway. >> well, at least the appearance that they're trying to
6:09 am
capitalize on it. >> not capitalize. they're trying to socialize it. >> that was actually really good. >> they want to get rid of capitalism altogether. this is the solution in this piece by jessie who wants to get rid of capitalism and replace it with socialism. number one, he says it would be guaranteed work for everybody. >> but the problem is where are you going to get all the money? with socialism, eventually you'll run out of other people's money to spend. >> jesse meyerson believes social security for all, a guaranteed income for every citizen and something called take back the land, which would be an end to private property. >> that is a good move. have everyone give up their homes, give up their farm -- >> i'm really with this for "rolling stone." not worth, estimate $700 million.
6:10 am
let's nationalize yan winter. the second you take all your money and give it to the rest of us, i'm on board. >> here is a section from that piece there at "rolling stone" in regard to take back the land. ever notice how many landlords bleep? they don't do anything to claim their money. they claim owner onship of buildings and charge people who live in their buildings, and rarely if ever improve. what about the risks of these landowners, of property owners have taken on in purchasing it and the money that they spend for upkeep, for these people to live in it? >> claim ownership of it. i own some rental companies that were very hard to keep and put into and provide a home for a family and reasonable rent, of course. it's absurd to think that i walked one day up to a random house and claimed ownership. >> i disagree. i'd like to claim ownership to yan winter's place in the
6:11 am
hamptons. as long as we're sharing everything, i'd like to move in with yan winter. congress passes laws, but -- >> that's the failure of socialism. the people who put it out there never live by it. that's why it never works. there's been no evidence of socialism ever working in the history of the world. he also says make everything owned by everybody. >> that seems like a problem, too. what about people with the sidewalks. people throw down their own cigarettes. would they do it in their own driveway? probably not. >> and a public bank in every state. here is the viewer response this morning. gene in illinois writes i really wish people weren't happy with this country. they would just leave and go to those countries they aspire this one to be. >> and a.j. says this in an e-mail. the reason people under 30 might believe socialism is a better way is because they have been a generation of privilege. mom and dad have sent them to college. they have a new car, a new home, are making money and life is
6:12 am
good. >> there is a decadence in that, for sure. we need to show the youth the failures of socialism. let's socialize grades and see if they still agree. but first, let's socialize yan winters house. >> and, you know, that one person who says we should move to countries where we aspire them to be, there's no evidence of a country existing like what this article purports, is there? i don't know that there's -- >> no, because there's always a ruling class. you think incoming equality is a problem in this country. and i actually think it is a problem in this country. it's a much worse problem in a socialist country where even a small group of people reap all the benefits, right? >> exactly. the money to leap. there you go. let us know your thoughts. coming up here on the show, a new article fueling a fiery debate. are men completely obsolete? they say yes. but our guest has a plan to save all men. and if you like your health care, you can keep it, right? not if your costs have more than
6:13 am
tripled. it's happening to this family. small business owners, we hear their story, next. oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on i ke prilosec otc each morni for my frzero heartburn.n. becat wohoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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6:16 am
. welcome back. a plane skidding off the runway at new york's john f. kennedy airport. now, as a result of that, the entire airport is closed. imagine all of these were already delayed trying to get out of there in the first place. officials say the runway is too sizesy for takeoff. this happened about a half hour ago. the plane reportedly a delta jet, carrying around 35 people tried to land and slid off into the runway instead. so far, there are no reports of any injuries. airport officials are urging people to call ahead before they travel.
6:17 am
jfk, completely shut down. >> ouch. thank you. ♪ you heard the promise many times, if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. that has turned out not to be true, especially for people whose costs have tripled. our next guests own a small business in upstate new york. they found out the hardware that it's not true. here to share their story is michelle kennedy, her husband, michael, and michelle's daughter, amanda allbright. thank you all for joining us this morning. michelle, what exactly happened to your health insurance under obamacare? >> well, we had lost our health insurance when my husband lost his job because the company closed up. >> right. >> so we didn't have health insurance for a couple of years. then this summer, finally got health insurance. and then obamacare went into effect. >> what were you paying? >> we had catastrophic care, like a $5,000 deductible.
6:18 am
and it was what wsh one -- >> $1 132 a month. >> and now it's what? >> $325. >> can you afford that? >> not really. it's $5,000 more just to cover us. for a small business, that's -- >> so $5,000 more just to cover the two of you. >> yeah. >> that's unbelievable. now, do you have health insurance, ma'am? >> i do not. i have not signed up for obamacare. >> are you going to? >> definitely not this year. i don't think it's worth it for me. i go to the doctor, what, three times a year maybe? i don't think -- i don't even know how much it would cost, but i don't know, something, $300 a month for myself? i don't have that much money. >> so it's a lot more than the penalty you will pay by not signing up. >> absolutely. >> you're making a rational decision not to -- >> that's what i think, yes. >> would you understand that as her mom, michelle? >> yeah. i haven't had health insurance for a number of years and i understand not being able to afford that. she just bought a house.
6:19 am
they can't afford to add another $300 on top on of that. >> so you didn't have health insurance. what we often here is that people who don't have health insurance basically don't have medical care. was that true four? >> well, i seldom go to the doctor, anyway. a few weeks ago i had to go to urgent care. it's about $3,000 that my -- that doesn't meet my deductible of $5,000. so -- >> so you're just paying it? >> i'm going to have to pay it. >> did you believe when you heard the president say if you like your current health care plan, you can keep it? did you believe him? >> no. i just thought -- i knew it was going to change. i didn't know it was going to be this drastic. part of the name was affordable health care. affordable, this is clearly not affordable. >> so the irony is this is all designed to help working people. you consider yourself working people, right? >> yes. >> so you make about 60 on grand a year and you're working hard
6:20 am
and you're getting shafted. >> yes. >> how does that work? >> it doesn't work. >> so the very people it's designed to help are you. you didn't have health insurance, you work hard and you're exactly the people this is hurting. >> yeah. and we have a school. so i have a lot of people who are coming and it's mostly older people who are getting a second career. and these people are going from working for a business that's providing health insurance to working for themselves, a lot of them. how are they going to be able to afford that, especially starting up a business? >> it's a great and sad question. and to see a human face on it is especially powerful. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. coming up, the next governor of your state could be an action star. oh, yes. >> government agent man. come to take out our community trash. now, that's worth it. >> steven segall and his ponytail, the rumors about a possible new role for him in government. and a new article fuelling the fiery debate are men obsolete.
6:21 am
some say yes. our next guest has a plan to save them before they are phased out completely. stay tuned. ooh, homemade soup! yeah... [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle soup with farm grown veggies. just like yours. huh. [ male announcer ] and roasted white meat chicken. just like yours. [ male announcer ] you'll think it's homemade. i love this show. [ male announcer ] try campbell's homestyle soup.
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the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. so don't wait. attack the flu virus at its source. ask your doctor about tamiflu, prescription for flu.
6:24 am
24 minutes after the hour. how are you doing? we have some quick headlines for you now. the u.s. coast guard sending a heavy duty icebreaker ship to the antarctic to rescue two other stuck ice breakers. a russian strip has been stranded since christmas. then the chinese icebreakerer sent in to help that russian ship to break free, it gots got stuck there. good luck to all of them. and pope francis is plan ago visit to the holy lands. and the pontiff announced this
6:25 am
morning at he will visit israel, west bank and jordan in may. and it comes in the middle of a u.s. push for peace between israel and the palestinians. could 2014 be the end of men? according to author and time contributor hannah rosen, we kn. rosen writes, in order to win this debate, we have to write that men quote/unquote are entitled to power, destine for leadership, arrogant, confused by anything that isn't them. they are obsolete. >> so how do we stop this from happening? here is hope us is the founder of "women for men" suzanne banker. good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> i've heard a similar argument, too, that we're just becoming more of the same, women are working more, they're, you know, more outgoing and things like that. men are more concerned about
6:26 am
waxing and manicures than they used to be. are we becoming more or one or are we really losing the man and the woman? >> well, that is the goal, for sure, of certain segment of the population. academic feminists like hannah rosen are on a mission and it is not the same mission that you or i or the average person would share, which is that really, men and women, they believe, are very much the same. and that their differences are all social constructs, rather than biologically driven. and so -- go ahead. >> well, i was going to say, here are her points. and you can refute them. but does she have on point here? she says men are failing in the workplace. she says the traditional household being propped up by the male bread winner is vanishing. some of that is true. she says men have lost their monopoly on violation and aggression.
6:27 am
men are now obsessed with their body hair. is she wrong there? >> the problem with what she's doing is not the facts that she's pointing out. it's the way in which she's doing it. to talk about men as being obsolete or the end of man, i mean, can you even imagine if that were reversed? the end of women or are women obsolete, it's unheard of. so it's really more about the style and the way that she's going about it and it's always very tongue and cheek with her, if you watch her speak. and that is -- that is her schtick, if you will. but it's not funny. what we're dooepg dealing with are some very serious sociological changes and we need to address them in an honest way. she never goes on to the surface and says why are women and boys trailing behind in schools? what's different about school today than when you and i were in school? that is that number one, they've gotten rid of recess. they've geared their curriculum towards girls and girls' interests to the point where men are -- excuse me, boys, for
6:28 am
example, can't sit still as well and as easily as girls and so they're cooped up and they're, you know, not getting out there their own natural masculine tendencies and we don't even pay attention to that. we think that's kind of funny and we just want to treat them like they should be like girls. >> i agree with you. rosen makes the point that men no longer have a monopoly on aggression and violence. there's been a push to make women marines and put them in delta force or whatever. but you're the one defending men. we don't have a man on defending men. why has it fallen to you, a woman, to sort of man up and defend men? >> excellent question. because if men were to say anything like what i'm saying or what the people that i work with at women for men are saying, they would be completely dismissed, completely. a man can't say what he'll really feeling today in front of a huge group of women because he doesn't know which wum one of them are feminists and whether or not they're going to be
6:29 am
offended. >> who cares? >> there are men who say i don't care if you're a feminist. take it easy, honey, this is the truth. >> we need a safe place for men. that's what women for is all about. a safe place to be a man and to talk about what's really happening with men. the same thing that hannah rosen is talking about, but from a completely different place, from a positive place. we like men, we want men to be successful. we don't want to pit men and women against each other. that's what lana rosen is all about. it's not about doing that. you don't want to do that. that's catastrophic for our society to put us in competition with one another. and we already know that marriage is completely going by the wayside. and how are people going to be married if they're so honed in on equality and how we're alike or similar and -- >> to celebrate our differences, for sure. >> we're supposed to be all homogenous when there are stark
6:30 am
differences that we know about. suzanne, thank you. i think you're fantastic and we really appreciate it. >> i hope this will be the first of many conversations on the topic. >> thank you very much. >> can we get a man to vent ourselves? >> it's a man's job. >> you just took care of it. >> disney taking a queue from the nsa as if the mouse didn't have enough power. we have brand new details on how they're tracking you and your children. and even how much you make. is that creepy enough four? >> as if they weren't already doing that in the park. they know where you are in that park. and it only takes one person to ruin what's supposed to be the best day of your life. >> nobody knows stu like i do. what i can tell you is this, this is not stu's first marriage.
6:31 am
6:32 am
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6:34 am
good morning. you're looking at live pictures of john f. kennedy airport in new york where a plane skidded off the runway an entire ago. now the entire airport is closed. the delta jet was coming from toronto carrying around 35 people. it was trying to land and split off the runway and into the snow instead. fortunately, nobody was hurt there. jfk isn't the only parent facing delays this morning because of weather. one of new york's other major airports, laguardia, facing heavy delays. right now, philadelphia international airport is on a three-hour delay because of icy runways.
6:35 am
airport officials are urging people to call ahead before they travel. >> do people even call the airlines any more? just look on your app on your phone. when will this nasty weather let up for travel? they're bag logged. 6,000 flights canceled yesterday. >> i think this is going to be huge story. they have just issued freezing rain advisories from north of d.c. up towards philadelphia at new york into boston. it's rain that is coming down. because we have all those cold temperatures this week, there's a shallow layer of cold for freezing air. i pretty difficult they're probably going to shut down the airports in and around the new york city area and, you know, around philadelphia, as well. definitely, definitely we're going to see some cancellations today and/or delays. you want to be aware if you live
6:36 am
up and down the i-95 corridor. i want to show you where we have those freezing rain advisories in the purple right there. in and around the new york area, up towards boston and down as far south as west virginia. that is an extensive area of freezing rain warnings. that's going to continue through the day today because we have this warm air coming up from the south and then the other big story, of course, is the arctic plunge across the plains and upper midwest. we'll be on this story throughout the day on fox. but if you are traveling, be very, very careful. stay off the roads if you can. >> thanks, janice. we have other stories making headlines at this hour this sunday morning. amazon founder jeff bezos air lifted by the ecuadoran navy after being struck with kidney stones on new year's day. ecuador's navy flew him to his private jet to fly back to the united states for treatment. a spokesperson for amazon says
6:37 am
no surgery was need and had bezos is feeling fine. asked about the ordeal, he said ga lop goes, five stars. kidney stones, zero stars. some terrifying video to show you of an attempted shooting on a bus in michigan. this video is graph inge, but nobody was hurt. wow. you see a man turning back, firing a gun at a passenger, missing him. the other passengers on the bus scrambling to safety, including a man holding the child. police on the hunt to catch the gunman, still on the loose. big brother is watching ur at the most magical place on earth. disney land launching electronic wrist bands to track visitors everywhere they go. it does away with room keys and credit cards. for example, goofy can walk up
6:38 am
to a child and say, hi, timmy, happy birthday. critics warn the bands are simply like nsa type tracking devices, but disney claims they don't track any personal information. >> come on, you were being tracked in that park, anyway. how about this, action star steven segall run for governor? >> i hope so. >> government agent man, coming to day out on our community trash. >> that's worth it. >> the 61-year-old says he could take a shot at running for arizona's highest office and has talked about it with the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in america. joe arpaio. and segal made the comments while promoting his new reality series, steven segall, lawman, mericopa county. >> i suppose i would remotely consider it, but probably i
6:39 am
would have a lot more other responsibilities that may be more important. >> almost doesn't look like him. partial arts expert is one of 3,000 unpaid civilians working for arpaio. he says he wants to increase border security. all right. well, hey, it's almost wedding season, isn't it? gearing up for your big wedding planning, making all the arrangements. >> i think wedding season starts today. >> a number of people proposed in the past week. >> my brother just proposed to his -- >> we have some other guests on the show getting married in may and june. these are the people you don't want at your wedding. these are the worst wedding guests to have in your years. >> the speechmaker.
6:40 am
>> nobody knows stu like i do. i know this, this is not his first marriage. >> the awkward stylist is squirming. how about this, the dance floor dominator. remember elaine doing this? >> this would be you. >> do you want me to get us started? i'll get us started. >> oh, man, you know what? do you want me to do it? do you want me to dance like that? >> i've seen you dance like that. >> but it's like you're pulling something. >> that was good, right? so i am always the first one on the dance floor and the last one to leave, hopefully not with moves like this. >> the advice giver, here is the person you don't want that sielgdzs up to you that has had
6:41 am
too much drinks and offers you marriage device. the gourmet, the one that makes catty remarks about your canames. >> and how about the surprise drunk, like this? >> you've always been there with me like when i was in retab. because harold, you know, he's always been the dependable one. and i've always been the screwed up one. right, dad? i'm a person, too. >> you're a moron. >> he's playing the guitar now. isn't that great? >> oh, "wedding singer." let us know the least favorite wedding gifts you would have at your wedding or tell us the story. did you have an awkward moment at your wedding? we'll share them. >> all those people are invited to my house. i like people like that. >> thanksgiving dinner. >> it's hard to remember anything that happened. you invite people like that to your house, you never forget it. >> i you like awkward confrontations. why. >> yes, i do. totally worth it. coming up, sarah palin, alec
6:42 am
baldwin to mitt romney's adopted black grandson, why does msnbc keep getting if in trouble? howard kurtz has more on that. and he paid the ultimate sacrifice to save his team. now one navy s.e.a.l.'s bravery honored in a brand new movie and his hit song is already getting oscar attention. the people behind it here to perform live. [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth
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test. test. welcome back on. melissa harris perry took some time out of her show yesterday to apologize for some offensive comments she made regarding the romney's family's adopted son. >> without reservation or qualification, i apologize to the romney family. allow me to apologize other
6:46 am
families through transracial adoption because i am deeply sorry that we suggested interracial families are in any way funny or deserving of ridicule. >> the apology marking another black eye in the wake of msnbc after alec baldwin's resition nation of an anti-gay slur. why does msnbc keep getting into trouble here? howard kurtz, host of media buzz, joins us to weigh in. nice to see you this morning, howard. >> good morning. >> how does msnbc keep getting in this predicament? >> it's really remarkable. in the space of about two months, we've had all these incidents that you've just shown. and i give melissa harris credit for what appeared to be a heartfelt apology. mitt romney appeared and accepted that apology and said children should be out of bounds. most of people who host and
6:47 am
appear regularly on this program have such disdain for republicans and conservatives that they think it's okay to mock them and insult them and all too often, that crosses a line. >> do you agree with this pugh research center finding in 2013? that 85% of msnbc's airtime consists of opinion-based content when you compare it to fox news channel, which doesn't, which is far, far lower than that? do you agree with those numbers? >> i think that's curt based on my viewing of the network. msnbc has no reporters. it's fine to have as many opinion as you want and it's fine to have a liberal network if you want. but i think that creates some subtle competition to maybe be a little more outrageous than the other host, the other guy, the other guests, to break through the static and get more attention. also, i think the tone is set at the top in terms of tolerating some of these incidents,
6:48 am
clearly, what clearly have been unacceptable and offensive remarks. >> elaborate on that point. i think that's a fascinating point. the tone being set at the top, are they being asked to make these sort of personal attacks? we heard the vitriol from the left obviously under president george w. bush when you don't attack the policies, you attack the man. >> well, you know, in the media sphere, there are certainly people on all siendz of the spectrum that times sometimes are too caustic, too abrasive, go too far on personal insults. on msnbc, to me, the clearest example of that was not with melissa harris-perry, but to the martin bashir vial and vicious attack on sarah palin, almost three weeks went by before he lost his job and there was never a very strong statement from msnbc saying this is completely unacceptable. that sebdz a message when you work there that you can be aggressive, you can criticize
6:49 am
the other side, you're paid to have opinions, but let's not descend into the realm of making fun of an adopted black grandchild because he happens to belong to mitt romney's family. >> yeah. howard, what's coming up on your show today? >> we'll be talking about this very topic, we'll be talking the about robin roberts coming outs and whether that's big news. and also, what story in 2013 did the media waste the most time on? we'll have something to say about that, as well. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. coming up here next on the show, he paid the ultimate sacrifice to save his team. now one navy s.e.a.l.'s bravery being remember dollars in a brand new film and song and it's already getting oscar attention. the people behind it perform live, next. [woman] ask me what it's like
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save up to $300 on select mattresses during the tempur-pedic model closeout event. find a store at >> michael murphy, such a ridiculously unbelievable individual. >> we told you about murph, the protector. the film documenting the true story of hero and medal of honor recipient michael murphy killed trying to save his team on a mission in afghanistan. >> the film in a different battle to win an academy award nomination for win best original song and score. back to sing i am here are chris erwin and jeff widenhauf. >> good morning. >> chris, how about you tell people at home the story of murph the protector for people who are unfamiliar. >> the people in the film, it's about michael murphy.
6:54 am
really a hery's story in the sense it's not necessarily about the mission or the way he died. it's really about the way he lived as a person, and i think it's something people walk out of the theater just seeing an inspiration of how they potentially can live their lives and someone is not necessarily a hero because even the way they died, but the way they lived and the people they impacted when they were alive. >> tell us quickly about the song you're going to do for us. >> this is a song that chris initially wrote and then we came and did all the recording together on it and improved it ourselves, and we really wanted to portray the emotion that somebody feels when their loved one is lost on the battlefield. >> we both experienced that in our life and we wanted to draw from that. >> i think this sung does it. we'll get out of the way and let you play. >> thank you.
6:55 am
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♪ >> welcome back. that was so cool. you guys are excellent. >> singing the song from murph the protector. you've been getting oscar buzz. good luck. what do you think your chances are? just got a couple seconds.
7:00 am
>> amazing. >> it's really just an honor to be considered. >> everybody can judge and after the show show, the fox and and we begin with this fox new as alert. president obama has arrived back in our nation's capital with a full plate of things to be working on, to say the least. he had a two-week christmas vacation in hawaii, ringing in the new year there. you're taking a look live at the air force base andrews that the president arrived in. we heard from the press pool it was a bit of a bumpy ride home, returning with his daughters. michelle obama staying behind a few extra days to stay back with friends ahead of her birthday later this month, her 50th. president obama will have a busy agenda this


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